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ranks are not based on amount of link, but on when your wallet first held link.

it's about being og, not about owning a lot, even though they often go hand in hand

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i created this chat because there is no proper space for linkmarines to connect anymore. it used to be biz, but most linkers have left after the summer of dogcoins, leaving mostly nolinker imposters in link threads.
the discords from 2017 have died too in the meantime.

it's an offer, you're welcome to try it out and if you don't want to that's fine.

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holy fuck I can't even imagine going into a thread of a token I don't like and spazzing out like this
if you're not getting paid to do this you need to seriously reevaluate how you choose to spend your free time

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link is basically used like tether at this point. while everything else is pumping link doesnt move, while everything else is dumping, link moons.

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this is just god testing me, I'm literally right on the edge of making it

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I am financially ruined....

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Chainlink has been fud as long as I can remember. I can't tell what's real and bought it just in case.

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link but we gave up because the price went up so far that it's simply absurd to fud it anymore
some brave souls persist though

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I finally made it to 50k Golden tickets last night when my limit buy hit at $8.90. 5 fucking make it stacks. I don't think we're going much lower, but there is no reason for me to watch the price or be on biz anymore. This place is a uniswap scam shitshow now and the fun Link threads have been gone for a loooong time.

I'll be deleting Blockfolio and will do my absolute best to forget about this investment for a couple years. At that point, all of the big beans will be spilled and ISO20022 will be ramping up.

It's been a fun ride Link Marines. See you on the other side.

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I was late to the crypto party, never caught my interest before 2017. It seemed that I missed out, but today I'm just waiting for the inevitable. I could cash out today and live a comfortable life, but I'm not selling, since I believe that LINK is far away from its peak (whatever that may be). It was a blast, and I'm still enjoying the ride. Keep on strong frens, and remember to share the truth.

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Man, who the fuck knows. Fucking clown world and clown market. I've lost half a million fucking dollars over the past week. I sold a little bit so I've got $50k waiting on the sidelines, but at this point I don't know how fucking low it will go.

I have most of it in limit orders between $10 and $11.

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It will NEVER drop below $12 again. Not in 1 week. Not in 1 month. Not in 1 year. Not in 1 decade. As a matter of fact. We will be over $50 EOY.

Now go kill yourself. 3 years.

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I'm with you brother. If we don't pump back over $20 EOM I'm taking a break from biz and checking Blockfolio on my phone for as long as I possibly can.

This place has turned into a cesspool of trannies and kikes shitting on Link. Let them drown in their hate and jealousy alone.

We'll meet back up in a year to plan the yacht party.

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Nobody cares. People post all day about how they sold the top of Link and bought Link at 0.0000001 cents.

You niggers need to start posting your buy/sell orders to get any attention. Now sage the fuck out of here you fucking kike tranny.

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Lol. Just pulled 15k and am buying tomorrow

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Sell a couple and treat yo self, buy a bike, go ride in the hills

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I work in silicon valley and know a lot of guys with lots of money and I've been telling them to buy link since early 2018 and no one listened to me. They could all be retired right now, oh well!

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Fudders are trying to accumulate, obviously.
But the dip.

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>selling link...ever...

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Looks interesting, will be reading this.

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you can't have lost more than Kang here, the guy literally liquidated himself, he's a fucking genious, and almost managed to get hiss tack back

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