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I enjoyed it. At least it wasn't as bad as ETH conferences

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>delivers the best product in the history of the cryptosphere
>live in vitalik's hopium and promises
>didn't sell at the badger dance
>incompetent mETH devs surrender and back off the promises that mETH 2.0 would have e.g. sharding
>now you are priced out

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Sorry ethbro but your tech is outdated and to put it nicely - shit.

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Need to protect their investment. They're ETH and ERC20 token bag holders. They wouldn't fud Cardano if it wasn't a threat.

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$96 txn fre

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Ethereum feels like a scam, code sucks and it drains my wallet when I want to swap it for another scam coin.

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he's a biz regular pretending to be a pajeet newfag - it's just too obvious. probably an insanely fearful mETH bagholder

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imagine holding to 2nd gen platform coin developed by pedophiles and trannies in 2021. Lock your eth for 2 years sanjeb

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>technology to decentralize internet and finance
>literally 1% of wallets hold 99% of supply
>to send 1$ you have to pay 15$ fee and wait 10min
ok we fucked up, here eth 2.0
>lock 32k$ for 2 years
>no guarantees, if the network fails - well shit rajesh we are sorry your eth is gone
>your internet goes down for more than 5min - well shit rajesh sorry your eth is gone

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mETH schizoid detected. Enjoy locking 32k$ for 2 years into a beta network that may or may not go wrong. Once, if ever you get your coins back they will be worth dick

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You do realize that ETH is autistic clown show with literal pedo in charge. Slow as fuck, obsolete, expensive. Right? Once the real dapp projects become real, like really real, self-sustainable(ETH is literally only prefered because of the brand and estabilished testing protocol), they will run away. Enjoy your locked ETH for 2 years.

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pedo dev in action

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Let them suffer in peace.
ETH rushed to POS just to win a pissing contest.
The devs are manchilds. Vitalik is literally a pedo.
There is so much that can go wrong with this rushed fork. Some already did.
It literally tells you its a testnet and errors may occur which will nullify your ETH stake holdings. You literally lose your money.
Ethereum is just not a commercial platform worthy of institutional projects. The devs are incompetent.
ETH is literally just waiting to be hacked and forked again... over and over.

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There are staking nodes taken down, having their 32 ETH nullified for network errors.
Since ETH 2.0 is an epic fail and its only the beginning, who is going to take over?

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>Sergy's got a Slimfast & Ari going nuts
>Vitalik said not this year, okay, so what?
>Oldfags keep fudding, I'd tell you if it was us
>Manor house in Switzerland, this shit too plush

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why yes helo sir we are revolutionary technology to demonstrate our project we will now perform this 7 year old child mentality theatre dancing session

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there's some, but nothing that is goig to wreck as many people as this one. gonna be fun to watch

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sneek snekk

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a clusterfuck of complexity on top of comlexity on top of complexity glued together by an endless faggoty spinaret of COPE and Vitalik's amateurish philosophizing. The only reason to defend this absurdity is you're already (((bought in)))

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and now you have experienced the shitshow that is ethereum. it will be so much better in eth 2.0 - I promise. pic rekate is the dev team who runs your ecosystem

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