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I'll tell you how to make money in this market. It's really simple.

Rule 1. Don't fucking short
Rule 2. Follow rule 1.

It's really simple. What you have to realize is this ponzi will crash down. However, you can't make money on it going down since market making bots (trust me, I run one) literally rely on hunting for shorts. Once those shorts are hunted (i.e. all of you bobos), then it dumps. Options won't save you either. The price pumps until options expire and then dumps. Always. Remember that.

This is exactly what will happen to BTC for the remainder of its history. It's because there's no real demand left. There will be pumps, all of which to rekt shorts, then it will go down.You guys don't fucking realize that the only time it goes up is to wreck you and use your money as fuel to make whatever pennies we can before this market crashes. Lower high after lower high after lower high.

How do you then make money? You sell bitcoin on spot and wait. That is for USD. On an established exchange like Coinbase. You can only save your money now. That's it. You never buy bitcoin on spot or on any exchange. You sell and get the fuck out of this market before everything crashes.

This is the first and last time I'll be giving this tip. Good luck.

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