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just buy 100 of them
simple as

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>Years ago he decided that he liked the comfort and styling of plaid shirts, so now he has a closet full of them.
Literally this meme, my sides

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I deeply regret not buying a Lucky Brand shirt back in the day. Even if they reissued the same pattern it just wouldn't be the same.

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>inb4 Sergey pressures Lucky Brand to reissue this design because his current set of shirts have worn out

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C'mon son, you already know. Why you even gotta ask?

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Thanks for your dumping your LINK on us Sergey, thanks, really appreciate it.

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based and linkpilled and sergeyapproved

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these always make me crack up

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My uncle, Chad O'Fork works at Nintendo and told me Link is a scam. You were warned, anons.

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Will he wear THE shirt today ? Cant wait

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I am a chainlink insider here. If this thread gets 50 replies I will drop some info that I have yet to see anyone mention on here. I guarantee this will be news to the vast majority of you

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>invest in a inexperienced pajeet team with coin on IDEX
>Invest in an alfa male been around for like 5 years in crypto

Why do people here HATE money?

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Does he not have a different shirt?

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Look I’ll be honest and admit I've been fudding Link in different threads with pasta.
Truth is I’m a bitter Link bagholder who FOMOed in when Link was over $1.00
To be completely transparent here I'll say I started doubting its potential a long time ago though, particularily the excessive shilling campaigns and the supposed "connections", whatever tha fuck that means.
Can we stop memeing and be serious becuase there is just no way this is going to $1000 or really anywhere.
All the price has done is gotten pumped and dumped and it's not anywhere close to where I bought in.
Nobody is really testing on Ropsten and there’s practically no awareness of this project in all of crypto except fucking biz. There’s not any big name technical people interested in Link. So then WHAT THE FUCK!
Did I really buy a memecoin?
I FUD it as a way to cope with losing so much money. Link has taken so much from me, don’t take my pasta FUD too. Please fellow Link Marines sympathize with me
Link is probably going to be the end of me.

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it's his homage to sergey without copying too much fucking cuck

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I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Link acquired a fanbase of highly autistic neo Nazis who follow his every move. Chances are they'll find and kill him and his family if he exit scams because they know his every move and everyone he talks to. Now he has to pretend to make an actual product but since he's a philosophy graduate he can't make anything other than a JSON parcer in PHP stolen from a USB he found in the toilets of Swift HQ (where he was living until he got thrown out for crawling under occupied stalls and begging people to buy chainlink). He spends every day eating to take away the pain. Rory plays along to keep food on the table for his wife's black son (Sergey throws him the McDonalds leftovers). It must be a hard life. Sad!

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Can we have an honest discussion about all your FUD attempts? Basically all facts speakf or LINK now

* Best coin in bear market
* Binance adding USD Pairs
* A oracle solutio all blockchains need
* No stupid community of Rajeets or chinese kids

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We basically made him rich and popular, yet he hates us

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Imagine being sold in on a "blockchain for tracking food" like vechain while there is a solid, oracle solving problem project... i dont even

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and the pump continues!

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Is Sergey aware of "us"? has someone asked him that megacringe question at a conferece? DOes he know he is the next biggest cult leader except of Vitalik?

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