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Kek at this rate Cathie is going to be the majority shareholder for TSLA

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>fund manager hates crypto because he can't control it

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10 000

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Melvin is actually making money and you fags think you’re still squeezing them.


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ITT: newfags can’t cope with a bear market
Can’t wait to see them leave.

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You’re right, I should have gone all in on PLTR, AQB, and CRBP instead, what could go wrong?

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>Righties still seething about Twitter share price
Kek, I hope this goes over $100 just so I can see the mass suicide.

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BILI outperformed SOXL today

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There hasn’t been a single Green Day for crypto since /smg/ bought miner stock.

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How man tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

Ten. Ten tickles.

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I wonder how many q-tards got their puts blown up on this

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Post yfw CRBP pajeet loses all his money

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You think Elon still feels good about that btc investment? Wonder if his bags are getting a little heavy.

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>volume is up but price never rose with it, proving shorts are not cover
That doesn’t mean more people are buying, it means more people are selling. It’s over.

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>Bitcoin dumps just a few market days after people here bought miner stock
You can’t make this shit up. Everybody point and laugh at the bagholders.

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SOXL boys are about to get 10% of their portfolio wiped today. Everybody send your condolences by laughing at them.

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Oh no no no, btc miner bros, what happened? Surely nobody predicted that this would happen

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>BAO gets forked on bsc
It begins

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Nobodies going to pay for your bags at that retarded price.

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Enjoy your losses friend.

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Imagine investing in a pajeet Pharma company. I’d give my money to a Nigerian or a chink before I did hat.

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>When the fuck did I say quantity is better than quality? Of course it's not.
Well that's what is implied in your posts you dumb monkey, whites are and always have been a global minority. doesn't stop them from fucking dominating you all throughout history until post ww2. you should thank me for reading another line of your dumb monkey writing and replying to it again.

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>Tesla is an obvious fucking buy
kek the only reason it’s worth more than $300 a share is due to sheer autism.

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>Meme stock
>Pharma shit
>Penny shit
The absolute state

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