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>An alternative vBNT burn mechanism is proposed that would introduce a flat 5% insurance premium on swap revenues from both the TKN, and BNT side of all pools.
>The fee is increased every 6 months in 5% increments; after 18 months, a flat 15% fee will be attained.
>Overall, the anticipated effect of the burn is still intact; the burn rate still supports the price of vBNT, and it still achieves the desired deflationary influence on the token supply.

nah, should be ok. burn rate won't be dynamic but linear instead to save on gas. ~same effect overall.

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>me thinkin bout Arbitrum n Polkadot bridge amongst other things

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You shouldn't hold it, you should stake it.

>devs are true OG status, first developed protocol that AMM like uniswap is based on
>IL protection
>L2 via Arbitrum coming (test net since January)
>polkadot bridge being worked on
>comfy one sided staking, no need for LP tokens

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Literally me rn the feels

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the guy that ran the BJJ gym i used to go to used to have agoraphobia, now hes the biggest dick chad youll ever meet

i swear this has been my experience and many others as well: go join something like bjj. you will be put out of your comfort zone in a friendly and supportive environment, you will have real physical contact with human beings, there will be people weirder than you and you'll be able to respect and be proud of yourself. on top of all that good shit you'll be able to heem 99% of normies if you stick with it should the need ever arise.

god speed lad

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Ah ok my bad, then I guess it's fine to have errors through the website.

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Anyone else having trouble withdrawing ETH from Kucoin?

My withdraw has been processing for hours now. A withdraw on bittrex placed around the same time went through in minutes.

Anyone else?

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