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/diy/ here. I heard about the bitfinex hack. Can't they just trace the stolen bitcoins to a certain account and freeze them out? I mean, it should be easy to track where they went since the blockchain is public, right? That's why I like the idea of bitcoin. There is more accountability so it's not possible for a bitcoin exchange to just steal bitcoins and get away with it. Using an exchange is a lot more safer than using a bank this way. That's just my thoughts. Wondering what you guys knew about this.

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Hi, I was reading LeFigaro this morning and they said that California's economy is now bigger than our economy in France. How is this possible when we have 25 million more people in France?

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>Like America, they have brains

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Don't believe this fucking shill

NOBODY knows Guldencoin in my country, The Netherlands. They barely even know bitcoin. Such a fucking bullshit shill.

1>Exists less than a year and achieved more than the top crypto coins out there.
2>Wherever you can pay with Bitcoin you are able to use Guldencoin.
3>Basicly you are able to pay everything with this coin even your bills or rent.
4>Heavily undervalued!

1. https://timeline.guldencoin.com/
2. https://nocks.nl/
3. https://www.bitbill.nl/
4. $ 0.001092 per Guldencoin

>My face when you use False, Super False and Super Duper False and everything I said was true. LOL Wut!!!

You are from the Netherlands? Do you even Gulden dude?

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9,3 BTC
it's happening

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