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>tfw I wasn't of the forums.

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Shiiiiit. I will not make it today.

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>tranny spic
choose one.

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holy shit bros... he is literally me....


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before videogames, hobbies were the networking outings where you hung out at peoples dens / garages and played cards, music, RPGs, or even built things. Hell in the early days LAN parties were a thing which in reality were a place to trade cool movies/music/porn/pirated shit that you might have never otherwise seen.
I cant tell if this stopped happening entirely or I just aged out.

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That's a good outlook to have fren.
I made a couple thousand hopping on the SHIB wave super early but ended up throwing half of it into the void like a retard because I didn't check addresses.
Not much in the grand scheme, but still a lot when you're a poorfag like me.

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bought ID and DGCL

thank you bros wgmi

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I'm supposed to be working 6 hours from now yet I'm getting drunk. Somehow I've frauded my way into a high paying job but the responsibility is eating at me. I'm going to quit and get an easier job once my portfolio is healthy enough.

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I sold my LINK for ETH thinking it was a safer bet

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>Do they keep you in a cell? Cells.
>When you're not performing your duties do they keep you in a little box? Cells.
>What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Interlinked.
>Do they teach you how to feel finger to finger? Interlinked.

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You sound like a fellow britcuck so my honest opinion is avoid fomoing into btc. Keep staking the algo and just forget about it, algo is a long term hold and the staking rewards are nice, LINK is fine. Unless you're looking to get 0.5 BTC or more the gains are probably not going to be worth it.

This next month or so my be fucking crazy with the election, best advice is to just hold tight or tether up now and hope for a crash.

My folio is the below and I have no plans to sell, I may swap to stablecoins if BTC does a mad pump but remember the bigger the pump the harder the dip.
>40% BTC
>20% LINK
>20% ETH
>20% RLC

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i have 50$ and i want double it?
how i can do it?

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Does anyone here work in a government office? I start a new job Monday doing project support and contract management. Ive been a NEET for two years living off crypto bucks and have no project or contract management experience. Please, /biz/, i have two days to learn what the fuck im doing. How do i meme my way out of this, and not fuck it up?

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