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Any LINK marines that can address this FUD? Im new to LINK but might be time for the all in
Copy-pasta from a thread I was just reading through

>The ChainLink Network is the first decentralized oracle network; allowing smart contracts secure access to external data, off-chain payments, and other API capabilities. ChainLink operators provide their services to smart contracts for LINK tokens.
Why would they use chainlink when Corda already have a working system which has accountability.

>Currently, the crypto market is filled coins that great ideas and have potential to be huge one day. The only issue is these applications cannot connect to the real world unless they have an oracle to collect data. This is where ChainLink comes in.
You answer your own statement there are plenty more reliable projects, I mean you could just invest in BTC if you wanted actually want gains.

>Partnership with SWIFT
They're working on a separate project which is not Chainlink... "We're proud to be working with SWIFT on their own SWIFT Smart Oracle."

>Request.Network is planning to use ChainLink as their first solution
How is this a shill, REQ is equally bad, there hasn't been an update relevant update for months also cost.

>First implementation of ChainLink will be released in Q1 2018. Have been contacted by 19,000 people
What the fuck is this shit????What does it even mean?

>Sergey Nazarov, CEO, is a very well respected figure in the crypto field and will be speaking at the Bitcoin Super Conference
But he isn't, All the conventions he has spoken at so far which were meant to be be big news had 50people in them, with atleast 10 of the crowd being from /biz/.

>Importantly, any crypto that needs real world data will need to connect to an oracle, preferably decentralized like ChainLink
Once again Corda already has a solution and has been picked up by so called partners that chainlink was meant to have.

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