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you just KNOW that ugly fucker railed >her while >she was wearing a skirt
>just like my chinese porno mags!
kinda jealous

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>diversified into 12 different stocks and one crypto

>still losing 5-7% a day in the bear market

what am i doing wrong? is risk management a meme?

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>started investing using stimulus check money
>port is now worth over 30k
>suddenly stock market begins to shit itself
Should I secure my gains or just hold through all this? Technically I've got nothing to lose since it was free money, and I believe I'm in a solid company.

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I survived

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My old man calls. He says i cant come home anymore

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Newfag here. Trying to figure out Chainlink and Defi, I got banned for telegram for asking this question and the same goes saying for Reddit

Bitcoin is kind of like a tree, right? It has rings and stuff which can't be changed and you can open it up and look at the history and agree where all the rings are. And ethereum is kind of like the leaves. They're scattered around the branches off of the tree and have veins and shit on them for writing things on. But when you write on one, it copies over to all the other leaves. Which is good because if you look at 1 leaf you'll know that it is legit if it says the same things as the rest of the leaves.
So this is where Chainlink comes in. Chainlink is like a nigger jerking off on to the soil at the base of the tree. His cum is kind of like the external data which your bitcoin tree feeds to the ethereum leaves. So basically feeds the tree with stuff that it needs to give to the leaves which are asking for nutrients and stuff.
Hope this helps.

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when will it go back up, i fomo'd in at 2.35

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Chainlink would be at $70 with Cardano's current mcap

Over $50 with Polkadot's

What went so horribly wrong? Chainlink was ahead both of these projects during the last summer. What has went so god damn horribly wrong?

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Should I switch to cash now and wait out this market crash or will it pass soon?

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This bullrun feels weird. Not some much hype, btc went up nicely but not a single gigapump from alts so far. Are the crazy days from 2018 simply over?

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Isäukko soitti ja käski vittuu 4chanista

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I have 10k worth of some coin called Minereum some people have send to my address probably 6 months ago

Is there any way to make any profit from this shitcoin? Heard stuff you literally have to pay money to even sell it

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