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looks aesthetic, nice buy

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Well it was somebody'll mother. I assumed the scurrying I heard from the attic was her secret collection of mostly alive cats, her secret collection of mostly alive small children, or a /biz/ poster.

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We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent... I remembered the stock market crash of 2008. I suppose we all thought that one way or another.

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>[email protected] created this group MMS with you and 19 others
Nice bro. She wants others to watch. Hot.

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Just googled lum cosplays and THEY ALL ARE SHIT. No 3d does justice to lum. I strongly dislike anime and think is for faggots and niggers but lum is the only one I like. Lum poster will make it

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As you are probably aware by now, we're at the start of a deflationary spiral. Bottom is at $20 for silver, $1200 for gold. You have been warned. Wait for these prices to accumulate. Because once the inflation kicks in, it will skyrocket once more

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Just sold everything off this information

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Going in on SOXL today. Might even finally sell this piece of shit Nokia stock at a loss to free up some cash.

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I'm 29 with no work experience, a useless degree, but im making 1800 a month on government gibs

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>gaining popularity but not on the big exchanges yet
it's free money right now regardless of anything else. you'd be stupid not to get in

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>India has into superpoower?

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The only true IQ test

>[N] = Your age -18
>[Q] = 10,000 divided by US GDP per capita, multiplied by the GDP per capita of your country (so still 10,000 if you're American. 6480 for bongs etc.)
>[P] = Your net worth, denominated in USD subtract any inheritance you received.

sqrt( sqrt([P]) / sqrt([N]*[Q]*1.05^N) )*100 = YOUR IQ


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fuck biz i gonna join her facebook group. cya losers

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2.5k available to ape into something. What's a guaranteed moon mission next week

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>he bought the corn

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DNN - in at 1.25, target sell 3+
ACEV - in at 10.85, target sell 16.50+
CTRM - in at 1.22, target sell 6+
WKHS - Was in at at 34.34, withdrew initial around 39+, still have 10 on the offchance it really does go to 100+ next month
My portfolio is peak comfiness right now, and still have another 2.5k in cash to throw at the next meme in case I see it early

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How can I buy XMR with GBP?

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As much as I would like to buy silver, the fact is its not a moon mission, but an insurance policy. And currently I don't have enough to give a shit about insuring my money, its practically worthless anyways. All my paychecks are going into pump and dumps till I'm at least in mid 6 figure hell

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>question is who to believe here
If it has a anime pictures and the guy posting is calling everyone nigger or faggot then thats a definite buy whatever it is.

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Blessed digits

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Alright BOYS
DNN is the next fucking rocket

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all in reef.

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same here :< bought reef @0.34 1inch @6 and 5. they are young projects so big future ahead. hopefully

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What do you anons think of oil? I'm an ultra-newfag to stonks and had a friend give me a tip on WTI had a nice little week.

what a perfectly cursed image

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