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>We could probably get a permanent BAT thread going if everybody promises to bump it every morning or something.
why the hell not? well not that it matters now, with btc dumping so hard no wonder this board is even more dead than usual.

I just hope market corrects itself and there is actually a alt season, I need my ssnc to pump hard to make it even with all y other bags.

Breathe some life back here ffs

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I was here, smashing my head agains the wall I've been trying to move some assets on solana and transaction either fails or takes forever, I fucking hate raydium, shoudl have used 1intro instead. fuck my life

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>how it feels knowing im completely sidelined as my only interaction with crypto has been waiting on nft games (gravity labs and moonbase) to release

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that would make quit on the spot for real, from cuck waggie to full neet, maybe do only fans or gamefi on superverse or whatever, anything but delivering shit on dash. soul crushing job.

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I close with Superverse in the red just like Bittensor. Superverse just partnered with fucking INJECTIVE PROTOCOL and got funding from some investment firm I never heard of but still it was like 100 million dollariroos so I don't understand.

Thanks for asking, asshole.

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My family doesn't know shit about crypto, I've tried to tell tehem several times to help them invest (I'm almost at upper 6 figs) but they are to closed in their old habits they dont wanna try anything new, I've told them about BTC, ETH, (not nfts cuz they suck) satoshisync and many many other opportunites but they allways pass, BUT HELL OH LORD they do ask for my money to get shit all the time................

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better buy $SUPER if i wanna lose my money lmao


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If they can get capone they can get you my dude. You're not entirely protected. And besides, lets say you make 150k on icp pepe or your shitcoin of choice tomorrow and suddendly you want to buy a nice car, what then? You're fucked you have no way of realistically buying it without the IRS going apeshit on your ass. Face it, smarter minds than yours pay taxes, if they can't get around it, neither can you

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you stole my joke im gonna dox you and kill myself in your front door

ofc youre gonna feel something is off nothing said here makes any sense or is cohesive, just brainless shills and fud, at least in beoble they make sense lol

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I've seen this same phrase floating around in other threads and i don't get it. How can we be beyond 30k, after surviving one of the biggest dumps, the ftx fiasco and the feds fucking things up and you motherfuckers still say the market is "too volatile". No? It's not, it's actually lacking any new projects to bring more cash from outside, but it's not "volatile"

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Looks like Celsius'/Chainlink's logo so imma pass out of pure instinct. Adding another stack of QOM instead.

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explain how the fuck are you gonna validate that you're the actual owner of your shit
real estate is related with banks and the laws of your country, you can't avoid those rules using a decentralized finance

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