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Watch this and you might reconsider filtering STA, the next big investment in crypto.

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Take a look at the holders chart. Unironically decentralized.

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And this is the end result. How beautiful, is it not?

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The most decentralized project in DeFi

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You're right. I usually don't respond to him (even though he's participated obsessively in every sta thread for the past month). The fact that he's got a red ID that says PIG on this one is just too hilarious not to bully him though. Kek truly is with us.

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>the price went down therefore it's a scam
You're hopeless. You'll continue to lose money and eventually give up on crypto altogether after creating a thread on biz ranting about how every coin is a scam.

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Also keep in mind that we have used the highly conservative estimation that the current average phoenix pool stats remains the same instead of increasing (which is by far the most likely scenario as more people will pool as the price of sta increases). If you think these numbers aren’t realistic I urge you to go through the financial report for jun-aug that the team recently released and see it for yourself: https://medium.com/@stateraproject/the-strongest-team-in-small-cap-digital-assets-a4d9c6e09a05
Do you see how powerful this token is? Do you really think major financial institutions won’t want to hop on the sta train once this thing takes off? You’d have to be insane or incredibly stubborn not to secure at least a suicide stack of STA at this point.
Link to the calculator so you can so you came make your own simulations https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nj64AskLLHhigAVfu875TjBy4uEbU9uVkIxNUAJ_9qM

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