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like to one (1) thing (you cant)

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anything you'd like to share with us?

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I own some BCH and LTC and I don't know why I bought them.
Do I sell them directly for BTC now? Or sell for EUR and accumulate ETH/LINK/GRT when prices crash further?

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Well then you're exempt from criticism. But what about your sisters, your wife?

Doubling down on your schizophrenia I see.

> ruining their future prospects
They're not though. Your mother was a non-virgin (read whore), your dad married her loser arse, you girlfriend (if you have one) probably had multiple dicks before you. Yet you and your dad both married dishonorable women. In fact most men nowadays don't care about it. There is no shame and no honor anymore. That is the problem, and so most guys would be happy to have that girl in their life if it just meant getting sex and her attention.

So what? Prostitution serves a good purpose.

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True, but I'm not so much talking about /pol/

/pol/ is retarded, as even /pol/acks should know
It's a containment board for conspiracy minded schizos and the only people who stay on such a fast moving board are majority dumb, like on /b/, /v/, or even to an extent /g/

I'm talking more about the trend I notice on slower boards like /biz/ before and after bubbles, /sci/, and /his/

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