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>pic related

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FUD is back... bullish
>Parsiq: Just a Wallet

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Anon, all other PRQ threads were full of beautiful FUD. Please remove this post so we can buy more. Newfags are panic selling at a loss kek

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How do I long ETH? I believe in the pump

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It’s not damage control retard, I’m telling you that your premonition is fucking common sense. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to predict a dip at $X0,000.

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What wallet do you use to store your crypto? I’m just starting out and I’m putting my ETH on Metamask then trading. I just bought bitcoin via cashapp and need to get it the fuck off of their app and I’m wondering where you guys do most of your storing and exchanging. I’ve found a bunch googling but there’s so many it’s difficult to decide. Are hardware wallets a meme if you’re trading a lot?

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