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The dump has begun

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>recently became a thousandaire
The future is looking bright, Anons. And you can do it too. We are all going to make it Anons!
It's easier than you think.

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>mfw he makes exactly 0

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>Annual rent increase of 2.5%

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It's green now.
>Dip status: slurped.

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Realized this pretty early on, been NEET for nearly 10 years now.

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>Match with 450+ women on Tinder/Bumble
>many of them message me first, leave them on read
>I sometimes start conversations and then don't bother replying to them
>delete the app

Fuck women

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I bought the dip.

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comp sci
dont work cause rich parents, play vidya all day. monitor investments/real estate.

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>get €1500 government bux a month for being NEET
>get €1700-1900 a month having a job
Umm, this sounds like a scam, why would i work 160 hours, get up early, stress, be absolutely miserable and spend hundreds of dollars on fuel, for what? no i don't think i'm ever going back to work.

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comfy cash ganger here
can't wait to buy your cheapies next week

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>cash chad sitting comfy

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Not going to enter your cagies, wagie.

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Anyone who doesn’t buy a bag of SIGA is going to regret it for the rest of their miserable fucken lives.

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I never even looked into the whole defi/farming/yelding/yearinng/staking/lending/pooling BS, it sounded like a huge, too good to be true, scam for me from the get go

btc and link only chad, on a leger, reporting in

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even if we go lower, bears/cash gang will inevitably be priced out because they will never time the bottom correctly. i look forward to laughing at you when we hit ATHs, whether that be in a year, or 3 years from now.

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Kek, he should have come to smg

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>Literally was easier for me to get bux than it was to get a shitty wagie job at a grocery store or McD's

Comfy NEETing it is then.

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tfw all in on suncor sitting comfy collecting a dividend and selling covered calls


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>Post your face when you bought before ALL these newfags came to /biz/

I bought at BTC at 1200$ and still hodl

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Is there anything more comfy than being a long-term hodler?

>happy when prices go up because your portfolio increases in value
>happy when prices go down because you can increase your stack at a discount

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Butternut Squash Chili with cheese and sour cream

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Also that pipeline literally doesn't affect SU. Trans Mountain expansion is still happening and that is the bigger one. Get your SU while it's still discounted boys just look at their graph compared to any other oil co.

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