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If it goes under 20k the simulation ends and we all die

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plz how could i have possibly fucked up copy pasting and hitting send
why does it say it was sent if it wasnt recieved

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I remember selling 1067 DOGE at 0.32....
It hurts frens
it hurts

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The sad truth is that there is no squeeze left to squoze and this is likely the last day it will even be above $100
We've had a few chances today to cut losses, but as we move closer and closer to EOD so too does the inevitable repeat of Monday after hours become more and more imminent.
I honestly don't know who is at fault. Short ladders, broker restrictions, or maybe it was all just a pipe dream from the beginning fueled by misinformation.
Honestly, considering how low it's maintained now, I probably would have held if I wasn't desperate for some buying power to get back in the game with, just based on how little there is left to lose. But that's up to you. All downhill from here.

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>still have 9 years to go till we make it

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>he has no idea

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rubic was my chance to reedem myself
i'm sorry i didnt listen

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I'm all in on alts....

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i spent the last 4 years wage slaving and saving 90% of my paycheck only for it to be wiped out in seconds

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>bought at 0.75

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>everyone is making money except for me

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This is it biz, I don't think I'm gmi
All I needed was a 2-3x this month
I literally bought a shitcoin, changed my mind, bought another one, and it did a +50% hours later today
save me /biz/, not asking for much

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ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵍᵒᵈ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉʳᶜʸ

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>..it's literally never going to moon.. XRP is a dead token, isn't it..?

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please tell me I will be able to buy at 2.10 bros. I literally held from $8 to 2.50

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I lost 30k on uni I'm so fucking financially ruined. I fucking love Uniswap and I want to support them but I am getting absolutely ass fucked. It literally makes no sense, UNI should be worth so much more, they have an insane amount of TVL and the volume is fucking amazing for a DEX. Am I retarded? Sure, people are liq mining it but that's only 20mil UNI. Why is it dumping so hard? I fucking held from $8 bros.

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>there are bizlets missing out on $LCX as we speak
what do? how do i make them buy so they wont off themselves in a year?
its all so tiresome...

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it all...returns...to nothing

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i'm making money and i'm still not happy

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And still it falls

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