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imagine trying to doompost on a day like today anon. stop stealing your own joy. stop staring into the middle of the blackness and telling yourself that's all there is. rejoice when the times are good because they will not be good forever.

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we're gonna make it lads, get your ducks in a row

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>meds: not taken

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blessed thread

praise KEK

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bullrun music:

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>knew crypto was shit so never touched it
Wait, so you didn't buy link under $5? Oh no no no

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UNI is a maybe but not a bad buy by any means. They're the AMM leader in a space that will get more congested, but if they can keep their lead it will do you well.
LINK is the lynchpin of a complete global revolution in how value is exchanged. It is probably the most exciting and revolutionary asset, project and investment on the entire planet and if you DYOR to the point where the fudders are just white noise then you will make it.
You made good choices, anon, the hard part will be holding while everyone mocks you and tells you to sell. But everyone that made it through crypto held good projects through big drops, it's part of the game.
Best of luck, I hope you make it.

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huge buy signal

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Wtf is this schizo gibberish

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Thats called market movement, when speculation makes the price go crazy, some people profit more than other during the moves. However, Link is a legit project getting better and better and more used and used. Link price WILL go up organically as demands increase. Now we're all playing the game of whats its true value. Is it 10$ ? 1$ ? 100$ ? 1000 $ ? Swingers and traders will make profits (or losses kek) along the way to mitigate the risk, and believer will market buy as they can and hold and assume the loss if the project doesn't deliver as much as promised. However, Link is going what Eth did, quite literally, and all indicators point to its cruve being relatively S, aka a big ascend (as its doing now) into a relatively stable state (like Eth is doing) (relatively in crypto term, meaning that you could still lose half your money at the very top, but the bottom that will ensues will still be leagues above what it is now). I'm aware that what I'm saying isn't much better than psypop, but I really want to get the point accross that among all of the crypto (and there is like ten thousand of them) all eyes are turned on Link for a reason. The project, the technology, the possibilities, they all align toward something of greater value than everything else on the market right now. You would be a fool to not give Link a serious chance.

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>i'm not buying btc at $10
this is you right now

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i had a dream where i went to some fancy uppity high class party/dinner thing at a mansion and Jay Z and Beyonce were there and beyonce had a chain worth $50,000 encrusted in sapphires and i stole it from her and snuck out. I believe this dream was a prophecy/vision about stealing wealth from the elites through chainlink and that it will hit $50,000

Im going to sleep, if i am delivered another prophecy i will tell you all

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>healthy correction after pumping 70% in a month
>health correction after climbing in sats
>currently painting a cup and handle

You’re better than this, anon.

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checked we will all make it

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100% truth
It’s funny I watched this video from a qanon account on Twitter about a month ago

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>Don't want to make you fomo, but LP will be out of reach soon with ether mooning and staking coming very soon.
You’re not wrong

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Remember /biz/, the quality of memes always indicates the best project. I mean this unironically.

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