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You were right once. In 2018. You out performed the market back then. The energy of the biz link research threads and the run against eth/btc all the way up to the top 5 were truly something to behold. Congrats.

However, you've been a loser clinging on to past glory ever since, unable to re-adapt to shifting market realities. You seethed at your token under performing during the great normie bullrun. Adoption did not matter. Instead, you bagheld all the way down, watching your previously amazing pick get flipped by the dumbest scams while normies killed it with monkey jpgs and dog coins. Being right did not matter.

You're now that middle-aged pathetic dude who still bores people with how he was once a promising quarterback in high school. Yeah, you almost made it to the NFL that one time. Almost. But you never actually made it. It's been 6 years already and the existential dread is settling in.

10K was never enough to 'make it'. You needed a few mil to escape the race but barely reached mid 6 figures hell and refused to cash out, because you kept telling yourself it would regain rank 5 and the normies would see the light of how it's the 'essential backbone of the entire smart contracts economy with monopoly adoption'. They never did, and still don't see the light now. Your long-awaited SWIFT confirmation finally came, but no singularity. Instead, a big nothing. You're getting increasingly nervous and losing hope. 'Maybe in the next bullrun', you keep trying to reassure yourself. You thrived off your feeling of superiority against the normie and how you made easy money quickly without ever needing to wage like them. You were so much smarter than the rest, right? Now you realize you're a failure and still don't know how to explain that multi-year resume gap at the next family meeting.

You F5 biz and at last, see a new WTFWT thread. Excited, you open it, hoping for a short-lived dopamine rush. Alas, you got trolled. Again. The suicidal thoughts are back.

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Stop giving me hope anon. I highly doubt we will get a God candle this November. I believe we'll reach 1k once ccip v1 and staking v1 are both up and that wont happen until another 2 years. Im still buying tho

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holy shit

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lmfao i assumed op's pic was just shopped. so this jeet has been holding for years and still doesn't understand why the team is "dumping" tokens. and he can't "condone" this further "dumping". and even after all the horror stories and liquidation cascades he has his shit leveraged in aave. i'm really trying hard not to root for this faggot to get liquidated.

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top kek
top check

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are you fucking braindead? do you think they're doing this because their long term goal is to keep the price low forever? how can you recognize what they're doing and not take that one extra logical leap to understand why. i hate you whining faggots, you really don't deserve what you have.

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>he doesn't know

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serg is pythagoras reincarnate, so not quite

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checked. you are too based for the absolute state of this board these days

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hmmm if only there were some way to cryptographically prove and preserve past events. a chain of blocks, if you will. or a decentralized network of oracles :)

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this would align with insider saying that mid 2023 staking would be 1$/link and grow to be like $2-$7 eventually

anyone got the screenshot?

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Can`t wait for my real life to begin.

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>tfw bought link at 2 dollars
Slow but steady, I'll hold until it reaches 1,000.

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been holding link since July 2019, when is this gonna reach $1,000? Granted it's been a long way from 2 to 25, but still.

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Okay, the hysteria is starting to slow down and biz is becoming somewhat tolerable again. If you're new but still lurking, it means you may have the curiosity and autism required to make it. In simpler terms, you have been filtered. If you have any questions for successful oldfags, here's your chance.

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This is correct. My poortfolio is nothing impressive, so it was frustrating watching almost everything else take off while I just sat there with LINK and some GRT, doing nothing of note. Also thanks for the advice. I will bookmark this thread, so I don't forget your advice for the future.

Gotcha. On the note of thinking longer term-- while I do remember the $1-$3 hell of LINK, now it feels quite distant and that we've come a long way, with still a ways to go. Perhaps treating GRT like this benefit? Either way, I've decided I'm getting back at some point later today, if it looks good.

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what happens when retards(LINK holders) become faggots(node operators)? should i be worried or are they just digging their own grave?

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>30% day after day
>did 2x in 3 years

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i post in every thread pretending i own the shilled token. never bought anything other than LINK and BTC.

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it's my birthday, can you guys pump LINK for me?

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just sold every last one of my 50k LINK. ama.

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Go and masturbate, /gif/ is around the corner.
Don't pretend you some sort of smartass.

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