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You’re a moron. Look into Ari Juels. Are you going to say Ari Juels is fudding chainlink by being into esoterica and writing a book about it and ancient cults and government conspiracies about fabricating history?
Did you even once consider that it may be you that is just simple minded? And what comes across as complicated or obscure to you is immediately obvious to others? There’s a lot more simple minded people in this world than many of you are aware of.

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>A nuke in the ocean is so sinister
The tidal wave does all the dirty work and the cleanup for you
You just need a trigger
Who knows what happened in Las Vegas for example, it could have been much more large scale than what we saw.

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>Yeah, you guys aren't all that neutral
no shit
what's your point?
what's the question?

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I have yet to figure it out.
All I know is that the research I did at the IQC was railroaded for this pedo shit
Fucks sake, no wonder we’ve been stagnating for so long and all they can do is build more “smart” phones

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Lincoln issued his own currency from the US treasury. He was assassinated shortly after. It always boils down to who controls the issuance of currency. The foundation of our civilization depends on it. Which is why we’re so zealous about chainlink. It can be a tool to put the kabuki theatre to an end.

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Here’s a tune for tonight:


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>Ari isn't missing the mark with assassination marketplaces. Go and read Neuromancer
Good book recommendation.

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>september 2018
>fudding link
We all know he holds link. The only question is how much did he lose trying to swing? Hahahaha

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Link needs it’s own board
It will have one in a few years

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I just noticed the tag. God loves you all. -42

> what are the odds

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