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Imperial is for a sidechain marketplace, the first of it's kind. More details will follow once they drop the whitepaper. A unique concept to scale blockchains sideways and create a super fast currency.

They currently have staking and a multi-sig with 71% of tokens under lock and key and which require voting to pull out by half the members to withdraw. They'll be assigning ranks (Senator - 1 million, Equestrian - 400k, Patrician - 100k) and are thinking about releasing a DEX with no fees. It really depends upon the community and what they want to see. They are moving into the DeFi space and will move off chain.

The most important part?
Super low marketcap, around $20k
300 holders
No sellers right now, the bulls are in control now


The problems?

Low, low liquidity
Anon team with dev having shitty previous rep
Still pre-whitepaper release
Site is kinda shotty
Contracts are a bit hard to read and only two contracts out right now
They plan on building a huge enterprise and moving off the ethereum blockchain, good luck on that

Otherwise, a solid token

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