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You would

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>everyone in this thread who shits on stupid gambling lotto players
>buys crypto instead

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I'll feed the moloch, got 210 myself. not allin though, it's an unthankful coin.

Gov dark budgets will be spent with ZEC while MMT printed fed currency pumps ZECs compliant transparent pool through Funds like Greyscale. Spies, army abroad, guerilla warfare and state-sponsored insurgencies will all be settled funded with ZEC. There'll be a prarallel obscure economy connecting embassies with [ R E D A C T E D ].
ZEC over Monero because of stronger privacy primitives, at least once zec 2.0 gets rid of its trusted setup and implements ETH's decentralized RNG for secure PoS.

>inb4 why is it a public project then?
same as for TOR, civilians will make up a big chunk of ZEC's anonymity pool, otherwise everybody receiving a shielded tx would know that he's being payed by some sort of obscure Gov entity

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Extreme eccentricity

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merry xmas <3
no homo

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>china says they support blockchain tech
>one measure will be that they provide alsmost free loans to the "private" sector so that those companies can further invest in what they would consider the best respective chain (for their usecase)
>china netflix, tao bao, &co test nCDNs
>2020 was a good year

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dont worry, I understood your blogpost


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