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so what is it? 50% dump in a month? or 37% away from ath?

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How much are you bidding? When I bid $0.10, my cost per click is about $0.07. Though I market to every board, globally. If you have more specific targeting, $0.50 is understandable. Some boards are very expensive to advertise on. /biz/ is one of the priciest.

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Notice that at 20k btc it was at the top , now it's soon to bottom near 28k LMAO.

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They all shaped like eggs. Oh the irony. Blessed be to God and his humor.

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Same the $75 would be worth it.

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ive been here since 2012 and still have yet to make it lolz :(


anyway back when people were trying to figure out who satoshi was a journalist started trying to track down some japanese guy who he thought was satoshi, started following him down the street to try to get an interview and asking him "Mister are you Satoshi", but the Japanese guy just got mad and kept on saying over and over again "MINISTER YOU SATOSHI"

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How much does a prefab fallout shelter cost?

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aqua deep blue

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first day of fall is thursday lads. It was an honor holding with all of you for the whole summer.

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predictions for splivvy week, frens?

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>new accelerated proposal with sudden new and improved 12 hour comment period that allows for negative signs to be turned into positive signs in order to more effectively execute best prices and streamline market efficiency for the good of the markets

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wanna hear a joke?
I market sold my XCM, thats funny right cause there's no liquidity

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What’s wrong with you faggots cheering this on don’t you realize what a bankrun could do to the industry?

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I turned $4,800 into 135k by holding BTC for a little over a year in 2016-2017, then never touched anything crypto related ever since.

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is alt season starting?

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on staking or link to a guide? There are so many different pairs on bancor.network with varying liquidity, which ones) are good and why? How much can one roughly expect to make from staking? What are the risks?

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Just lost my crypto virginity to this. Thanks for the help/info lads.
Small potatoes obtained but you gotta start somewhere.

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>guaranteed 4x
says who

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>drinking mercury

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Please, tell me am not the only one that put his hands under his armpits, starts shaking and goes "OooooOOOoOo.... OoOOOOOoooo oOOoOOOOo!!!"...

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>one of us

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