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My Analysis of Cryptlets

From reading this white-paper over a few times, I've got to applaud what Microsoft is developing here. To put it simply, it seems Microsoft has wrote an SDK which leverages the Chainlink platform.

What they've developed is to allow developers to write "Cryptles" in any common language like Java, C++, Python. These cryplets are essentially the smart-terms as described here, but allowed to be written and deployed in this SDK. This means developers will be able to leverage the Chainlink platform without going through a UI, using an SDK to do it. If this is indeed using Chainlink, this is a massive step in the right direction.

Microsoft Bletchley Paper: https://github.com/Azure/azure-blockchain-projects/blob/master/bletchley/CryptletsDeepDive.md

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This means that Binance will act also soon. Coinbase will follow.

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>Chainlink will feed data to any ledger

Thereby allowing them all to work together.

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tl;qdr: TEEs and ZKPs (zero knowledge proofs) will make the distinction between private and public blockchains obsolete, meaning your LINK tokens will in fact be used by enterprises and in turn make you rich.

ZKP is just a proof that something happened on the network without releasing details, which like in the case of Zcash is how they do or are trying to do private transactions. ZKP is to show the work of the node without releasing the details, but the node can still see the details it did if not using a TEE. While in a TEE the node can't see anything and signs its data with a remote attestation. It could also send a ZKP back to the chain as its response. The advantage of a zkp that it's response on-chain to the public are basically encrypted because it returns a proof instead of the details.

This would make public chains more accessible to big businesses with sensitive data. And the TEEs advantage is that it keeps the node in the dark on the query it is solving.

An abstract way of using ZKPs with Chainlink is that a requester can verify that the Chainlink node performed some computation requested of them without the need for the node operator to reveal details of how they performed it by simply responding with a proof. This allows the proof (which is sent back on-chain by the Chainlink nodes) to be kept a manageable size, regardless of the computation performed.

Going further and introducing ZKPs + TEEs in the same request, you could have the Chainlink node perform the computation itself within the TEE, and provide the ZKP itself as a response back on-chain. The benefit here is that instead of a plaintext answer being returned to the smart contract from the enclave, a proof is returned instead, and the node operator (or someone watching nodes' responses) has no information that would reveal the original query.

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The only way is to follow me.

This is now Chainlink thread. 1000$ EOY

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1k$ eoy

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