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every day i fall for the scam all over again

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Hol line mari

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>Chainlink will never, EVER be below $13 ever again!

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BUY the dip..!!!

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g-golden bullrun soon guys! 100$ EOY!

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>Buying LINK at $14.72 is like buying Chainlink at $0.20

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Connek erythin s-smart contrakt

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How much unrealized profit have you squandered holding through a parabolic blowoff like a fucking HODL cultist? $1000? $100k?

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Do linktards actually think their little meme json parser will recover from this dump?

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I've made more money in the past 6 months from a Russian scamcoin promoted by frog autists than I've made from my job, period. 32 year old boomer, I think my lifetime income is about $500k and I've made $800k from cube memes YTD.

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Bitcoin's going to $100k and ETH is heading to $5000 minimum. Literally everyone acknowledges this. If you've made a 40x in LINK and aren't incrementally divesting into BTC/ETH by now, you're never going to make it.

You get rich by riding multiple 10xes in a row. You don't get rich by marrying a coin and hoping it pulls a NANO type run. LINK is great, it might even go up to $10, $20, whatever from here. But the risk isn't really worth it at this point if you've already 10xed your initial.

If you have more than $100k invested in LINK, just play it safe, put it into BTC and ETH and ride them the rest of the way to lamboland. This is your future we're talking about here. Don't cuck yourself out of making it because you got married to your shitcoin.

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>leave all my linkies on binance for over a year
>eventually get too scared to login because my linkies might be gone
>finally see this post today and check my boinance
>mfw this retard has 4% of all LINK on boinance

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can't i just buy a linkbull token of ftx and leave it open until link gets to $100?

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Do you not have nfg/sqg on this board? If now can someone help a newperson out.

>How to buy crypto when you don't want to be tracked to an account
If I buy on coinbase, the IRS gonna hunt me down eventually right, knowing I bought an asset?
Same thing if I buy using credit card. These things are all open to the gov. How to I buy it without anyone knowing?

>exchanges dex vs nodex
If I'm understanding right, which I'm probably not, you don't need kyc for most exchanges up to a certain limit. So what's a dex for? No one knows you're on it?

>getting crypto (again)
so since a lot of pnd get posted here. is it a better idea to have eth in reserve so you can jump on the train, or do you guys sell some other asset to get the eth for the train.
asking this one cause when i buy on coinbase, it takes verification time, then once it's in coinbase, it takes 3 days to send it to a wallet for some reason, then i can trade. by that time i've missed out on the 50x

any other questions from other newfags welcome

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>doesn't swinglink
>wonders why he's poor

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Bet more, faggot!

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>hurr durr didn’t read not selling
>hurr durr Link is 3 cents
>hurr durr where’s rope
>hurr durr hanging from rope so when I die I’ll fulfill the never selling prophecy

Pic related

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>hid and sagu
Imagine how fat and retarded you must be to sit and post sage and hide on anything that isn’t pro Link every day all day
>please buy my bags
>fat and stupid
>hurr durr

You are pic related

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The Linkfags are ingesting more copium every day, massive amounts
Their hopium has run out so they must ingest the copium
We all know what happens next

Rope me some!
Please livestream all your suicides
1000 suicides livestream EOY

>the dev team must dump now or they would be inside trading
>the spring is loading up
>if it goes sub $1 I’ll jusy buy more
>read didn’t selling not
>hurrr durrr
>you just don’t understand the project
>Devs can piss in my mouth I like it
>I’ll buy the Devs bags
>never selling cause it’s been delisted

What other cope phrases you link fucks got?

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Muh linky stay stinky
Muh never selling
Muh suicide because I literally cannot sell these bags to anyone
Hurrr durrr
Pic related
Didn’t read committing suicide
Hurr durr

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Devs dumping on you Never selling bag holders
Once they are done there will be a hard fork
Will you link turds then buy more?
This is Unironically Happening and I couldn’t be more excited
I have a literal chub just thinking about it
Pic related

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Sergey is rich as fuck
He’s hanging with Mr.shekelstein
They both sip their scotch and laugh
They are watching the replay of news over and over
1000 EOY was real
1000 hodlers just necked themselves, the ones that could afford rope that is
The other 10,000 had to Unironically charge LEO’s so they could get shot

Muh stinky linky stay kinky when I put it in her pinky

It’s a stinky linky because it’s an actual shitcoin

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