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after today I feel completely raped and I'm unable to sleep again

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>tfw you get it now
>tfw you're the street and you bought the top
>tfw valuation of Nasdaq will not get as high in the next 10 years

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I can't fucking relax after the previous stonk session

please help

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Can someone tell me how bad this dilution is for CLF?

They have 400m outstanding rn so 20m offering is only a 5% dilution right? the other 40m aren't theirs.

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>0% cash
>0% crypto
>100% stonks

me right now

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life is so pointless.
work is meaningless. unless you go to t5 school and are a literal genius, the work you do is uninteresting drivel to create profits for faceless shareholders.

the avoidance of work is equally meaningless. just play games until you get bored and die, just like man has done for centuries? before it was quarter-horse racing in virginia, and now it's league of legends or other video games.

i don't get it, what PURPOSE does anybody have? to avoid suffering long enough to finally find meaning?

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ok since this is the newfag thread I'm just gonna pull the trigger:
how do you buy coins that aren't available in coinbase, binance and such? Do you have to trade them for ether and then put them in a wallet?
How about selling them? How does that work?

For example I want to buy PNK or XSN, but they aren't available on coinbase. What do I do?

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me right now thinking about the losses so far and losses to come

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>tfw the site form where you downloaded all of the anime images for the last 10 years is going down
no more cunny unless one of you rich fuckers is going to give me gold account on Danbooru

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Nasdaq gives Nasdaq takes

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It's not fair bros , why are men expected to provide to women.. Why can't I just marry a rich girl who can provide for me.

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Was it also like that 300 years ago?

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>why not pull out
because I'm a retarded faggot that's why. I thought I could make a quick bit of cash on the oil deal when the sandniggies and iceniggies weren't playing nice. The deal went through and I held all my positions cause I got greedy wanting just a little more. It dipped so I was holding for the eventual comeback to get out and now it's cratered so I'm just crying and coping really hard today cause it doesn't look like I'll be able to get out of oil for years. I got caught holding the bag, it's totally my fault, and I'm just mad about the whole thing

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where did the bull power go?

we're falling into poverty

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>cheapies everywhere
>my currency also became cheap

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>planning to spend summer in Japan with my gains
>can't because of the virus AND lost my money

My holiday is fucking ruined.

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