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>gpu I bought @ $400 openbox is now $300 new

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>Facts and logic
>Previous failiures
>Nothing to back up your claims except "I disagree"
Yes, you are delusional. This is what delusion looks like. When instead of facing the facts you decide to run away because you can't acknowledge the truth.

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once moratoriums are over and fed cannot prop up the economy anymore since the actual economy restarts. Shittons of renters in massive amounts of debt that haven't had a job since april and are about to get fucked when landlords demand that backlogged rent all at once. Also the current housing market is propped up and clogged by niggers buying houses to rent (MuH pAsSivE iNcOmE) and are gonna get fucked when they can't find a renter for their 2nd and 3rd properties. At the same time, builders are cranking out properties like crazy since covid trying to capitalize on the ""seller's market"" and are going to inject a whole lot of supply in the coming months, right as tons of people are going homeless or foreclosing because they can't afford one.

This is highly deflationary, however, the fed has been run by the joker for the last decade or so so who knows if they'll do nothing and let it happen or just print more money forever and hyperinflate. At the same time, in all markets there's huge amounts of positivity for reopening being "the biggest economic boost in recent history" when in actuality it's just going to release a slingshot that the fed has been desperately clinging on to and pulling back for the last year.

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just asking for opinions :(
sorry fwen

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how long before we hyperinflate?

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don't tell me the bull run is already over

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yup it's clear it's gonna and try and push but it just won't quite make it
went and transfered all my btc to xrp

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they literally just announced they weren't paying their rent on any location in april. HOW IS IT GOING UP? HOW?

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fucking eerie how similar it is to the 1929 crash/depression.

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I FOMO'd in. see you on the other side

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I've been watching a documentary on the great depression and this point in time reflects a lot of what we are seeing now:

>Tons of new fags entering the market through brokers like Robin good and webull.

>Tons of over confidence. Literally no one thought this would happen and everyone thinks it will be over soon.

>The federal government doing little or being unable to do anything to stop it

>Lay offs then defaults

Is this really it? Almost exactly 100 years later?

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>pandemic going on
>big shot kikes who contribute nothing to the world get paid to hide at home
>my wagecuck pharmacy job is "essential" and I still have to go and make shit pay interacting with savages
explain /biz/. Why do useless faggots have it better than those who are essential to society?

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