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Did you sell?
Are you Buying now?
Waiting to drop more then buying?
Already bought the dip?

I think normies will be rushing to deposit cash next week..
That means expect a wave of buy ins on tuesday / wednesday

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Most of you pay 50% or so tax on crypto.
If you cashed out to fiat in the 4 - 5k range and paid your taxes,
You would have a lot less than what your current crypto net still is.
Btc is going to bounce big big time.
Now is the time to be adding.

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for those that dont follow charts, critical resistance is $3758 usd.

Chart looks strong.

Half the last wave of normies jumped ship today.
small insitutions and traders alike will be stacking everything they can.

What is your outlook /biz/ ?

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What are some uses for bitcoin other than money laundering and buying drugs?

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