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You will probably get a few different replies but I'm similar just a few years older. I was doing the same mid twenties after making it with crypto.

Was all over the world, lots of friends, lots of parties etc, worked out as much as I could. Yes it's a good life but humans desire purpose, it might not hit you overnight but there is something you can do better than anyone else in the world. It might take years to create, but that thing makes your life purposeful.

Many people don't decide to step outside themselves and get down and do it, it doesn't even have to make money, it could be running 30 marathons in 30 days. It's just gotta be insanely large.

If you don't look for it however, and plod on, you will have to live with regret when you reach middle age. 'We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons'.

Find out what it is. Then get after it.

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What liquidity? He doesn't have it anymore, it's being fire saled in front of his eyes and he can't do shit.

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Correct anon, there's a load of butthurt zoomer summerfags that don't know how to get good information off of reputable sources like tik tok. I managed to lock in 45k as I have a ledger, I thought I'd locked in at a bad time but now seeing this dip I'm glad.

I have buys set at the code floor which as you said is just above $20k, ignore these bumbling retards who don't lock prices and can't see the codebase of BTC.

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Hah, welcome back faggot.

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Assblaster was a CIA agent meant to plant us going into chainlink because us the autistic neets are only ones who are capable with our schizophrenic autism to stop The Great Reset. but by making those neet autists rich they pull us into the matrix just not on the bottom of social pyramid but top.And rich frog autists wont rebel because it would mean giving away all their riches. However having us in top of new world order is fine by them because it still means they can enslave humanity since everything is ran by invisible leaders.

Ask yourself are millions really worth more than your own friends family and race, the human race?

btw Vitalik is just mkultra prop and so is sergey. hes being propped up as new steve jobs with exact same autistic traits like always wearing the same outfit and you retards are falling for it

go ahead and tell me to take my pills, i did already because magnesium increases immunity to electromagnetic radiation.

stop and think. stop. and. think. dont let your ego automatically respond. stop. and. think.

schizo out.

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that's what the CIA wants you to think...
we all know that to be your own prisoner (wage slave) is the real target of the CIA while you continue thinking you're free.

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Given that price I would say suicide stack is 1000 and make it stack is 50-100k
Why should I buy this btw?

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>Science is god
science is a methodology, nothing more, nothing less

if you want to understand my thinking on the matter, every time the word "secular" is used, replace it with "satanic".

>However, why are you so schizo?
pic related
it's ironic because one of the symptoms of insanity is that the insane are deathly afraid of being labelled "crazy"
I'm not afraid of being labelled "crazy" since I understand that I'm surrounded by delusional people.
The question for you is, why are you so afraid of being called crazy and why do you let that prevent you from actually thinking for yourself?

You boys on /biz/ are victims of your education and upbringing, you still have a classroom in your head where you are ostracized for not "fitting in". Move on already and grow up.

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Good advice.

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I mean this with complete sincerity when I say this, it unironically sounds like she fucks black guys behind your back.

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>close biz
>stare at the screen
>open biz again

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Whether mouthed by the Club of Rome or Friends of the Earth, this ideology has one major social effect: people who are living in misery and deprivation, who might otherwise organize to seek better lives, are persuaded to accept continued deprivation, for themselves and their children.

That such resignation to poverty, squalor, disease, misery, starvation, etc. is useful to ruling elites has frequently been noted by Marxists a propos pre-ecological mysticism; and, indeed, people can only repeat the current neo-puritan line by assuming that the benefit to the Yankee oligarchy is totally accidental and not the chief purpose of the promulgation of this ideology.

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>Wearing T-shirts and buttons with such slogans as “Wage Slave” and “Repeal the Patriot Act,”
back in 2003
you're not allowed to wake up the goys about their wage-slave status

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>Sorry, I didn’t notice the 42 in your post ID
I forgive you
>otherwise I would have disregarded this thread for the schizophrenic nonsense it is

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pseud bullshit, it's not computers that come up with the narratives. Another edgy nihilist who doesn't see there is a real actual narrative underlying actual reality.

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>MY politics is actually the ABSENCE of politics
So you see I am actually the smart one hurr durr

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>"heard a voice in his head"

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leave it to boxxy fans to care about humor in a thread about monetary policy

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>muh utterly nonsense

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it's very specific depictions of the same phenomena in all cultures, read the book for yourself to see

>How fucking stupid you are? What does that picture even have to do with anything? Buddha? Moon? Saturn?
if you weren't so busy barking and seething you might learn something

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Didn't see a QTDDTOT so gonna just ask here. Is BTT or Blocktrade Token a trashcoin? Can the ownership of coins be transfered without transactions in the marketplace?

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>who made up words, who made up numbers and what kind of spell is mankind under?
mfw that's what I keep telling people

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look at all those beta sycophants in the crowd
they know they're sell outs
if only they learned how to think for themselves

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>Soon, this system will die its death and we will be able to help them anon
I've been thinking about how the healing will take place
Coming out of this system, a lot of people will be like stockholm syndrome kidnap victims, the kind that you hear about who have been imprisoned for years. Oftentimes in these stories you hear how the kidnap victim had plenty of opportunities to run away, but due to the psychological control and fear, they didn't escape.

The masses have developed an attachment to the people who have enslaved them and are afraid of being free. This is why they usually react so violently and seemingly uncontrollably to these messages without understanding the subconscious mechanisms keeping their minds imprisoned. They are controlled on a limbic level.

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