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sure thing greg, don't worry about your connections to epstein right?

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It's all public right here


I invite Mr Maxwell to sue me. It will save me the effort of filing against him. Don’t worry, it is planned, but we have so little time and so many people to bring to justice.

Don’t worry, Mr Maxwell, I’m not hiding any more. You’ll get your day in court and, at the end of all of it, a free room, a board, and a nice new orange suit.


So what are you waiting for Greg, shouldn't you be filing a lawsuit against him right about now?

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This is also why Greg's main line of attack is the forgeries. It's all he ever talks about. Craig forged this, craig forged that. Greg knows that the forgeries are done by himself from the documents he stole and leaked, and he uses it to attack Craig's credibility. Devious little jew scum.

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Thanks for your contribution Greg Maxwell, your fabricated evidence is really valuable.

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