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>Largely anglo-saxon/germanic white

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based and factual.

Seriously though bros, the top isn't far off. We all know this. But why sell at $2300 in May 2017 when you can sell at $10k on the way down in January/Feb 2017.

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>despite being on a board full of good information

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I have COVID (tested positive) and experienced all the meme symptoms everyone talks about (couldn't taste/smell, fever, chills, shakes, stuffed up, trouble breathing at times).

Overall experience: it's like a mild cold mixed with flu. Worst symptoms only last a few days maximum; they're unpleasant but negligible after 2-4 days.

It is absolutely fucking hilarious/pathetic that grown men in their 20-40's are so deathly afraid of such a puny virus. Pathetic. Shutting down the country for this rather than keeping everything open and using this as a much needed excuse to beef up/make sweeping changes to our healthcare system is hilarious. Shows how inept and clueless people are. If anybody under 50 is crying about how scared they are of COVID, they should be forced to wear some kind of badge that allows us to identify them as cowards for the rest of eternity.

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kek. this shit's going nowhere

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Wow! I earned 2 BAT this month!

BAT is so fucking worthless, it'll be back to 13 cents this year. You can bet your life on it. You literally can't give this stuff away. How are they going to convince people to adopt the BAT ecosystem when BAT is worth pennies and ALWAYS drops in price? Nobody wants it. Nobody.

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>sorted the LP and sent from old metamask to new metamask

oh nevermind, there it is. A happy ending.

what a thread LMAO

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your numbers are totally off you stupid fucking retard. And you objectively can't prove this is what the Brave/BAT team is doing; you're just speculating based on your fucked up retarded stats that are incorrect. Keep crying about BAT though.

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Cool. Hit me up with a (You) anytime in October through March.

I've lived in Ohio, you'll never trick me into thinking it's not a frozen shithole.

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thanks for the bump, schizo

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60 people coughing on each-other in their small apartment building doesn't equate to 60 people in Ohio that live on a 60 acre plot of land, with 1 general store amongst them. Should that general store shut down? No. Should that corner store in New York serving those 60 people that cough on each other in their sardine-packed apartment shut down? Probafuckingly.

Fucking dipshit faggot. You're the reason your grandparents are dying, not the people in Arkansas that live 30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. Use your fucking brain.

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had some ETH whale give me $200 worth of ethereum back during the Golden Bull Run

was pretty based

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yeah it's almost literally like having a stable coin in your portfolio

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>Fuck off namefag

Nice rebuttal. I bought LINK back in July and sold at a profit when it went up because I saw it for what it was: vaporware with weak leadership behind the project. Anybody from an outside perspective can see that.

Sergey is an "ideas man". His last project ended with him just flat-out ditching the project. Is LINK a good idea? I think so, lots of people smarter than me think so. Is it going to deliver? I highly doubt it

>and that's a good thing

If you're a swing trader, yes it is a good thing.

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White men that love asian girls are infamous throughout the Western world for being Betas.

This is an indisputable fact, and no amount of NEET's reeeeing at me on 4chan is going to change that.

The fact that boards like /pol/ and /biz/ champion their asian girl fetish like some kind of badge of honor is hysterical. It's essentially the most reddlt tier taste in women you could possibly have.

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>triggered! y-you're triggered stop posting babbys!!

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