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Not cute and NGMI, simple as.

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>hes still longing 70k

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>Is now the time to cash out and buy my dream house before we have a big retrace?
Yes sell it all now before it drops more.
We will be going to 50k soon.
Its over anon.

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$100 Billion is chump change to an entity like the US government who can print as much as they want.
They print $1T per 100 day so $100 Billion is super cheap to kill something they perceive as a threat.

Miners will profit initially, but will be hurt too when the price of Bitcoin fall because no one can use it in a practical manner.

They can also bribe a miner into doing this too, easy peasy when you have unlimited money at your disposal.

If the transaction fees go through the roof Bitcoin would be effectively useless to 99% of people, which would kill it.
This is such an easy thing to do for the US government, but almost any government with $10 - $100 Billion to burn can cripple Bitcoin on a whim.

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Why not flags?

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You probably think it's not over since everyone is saying its over. Capo is drawing bearish charts. Cramer is saying everything is about to drop. They are right.

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No it won't you delusional Mumu.
You can't even keep 70K for a few days.
Greyscale is going to keep dumping until Bitcoin is 12K.

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Permabobo here, even I am turning bullish, which makes me think this is the top. But if I think this is the top, it means it's not the top. But if I'm capitulating it's definitely the top.

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the absolute state of mumus

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I don't short or long. Too risky

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>starting a candy company
>become the next Willy Wonka
>Is this feasible in the modern era
If you mean you want to wonk your willy in little girls' faces and sell recordings of that, then yes that's feasible in the modern era.

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>We are still waiting for funds from a recent payment. Your account will be restored as soon as we receive funds.

All according to plan

>220bn stackioe. verification not required

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checked but fuck the hell off with that cringe pic

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Bitcoin has never had 7 green months in a row before. I'm sure this time will be different.

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Its just very volatile is swinging wildly right now, like the death throws of a dinosaur.

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> We've gone parabolic
Somebody is drunk on Hopium...
You're not even at 60K.

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>ATH before halving
Go home Mumu, you're drunk.

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Pizza, huh.

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You haven't forgotten 10k is programmed, right?

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>fed balance sheet after market close will confirm

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Just tell me. Why are you still holding. Tell me why you're long. What's the reason mumu.

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Snail posts on /biz/ everyday.
He thinks he will get big pay.
Snail is simply getting played.

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If the SEC actually wanted to approve the Bitcoin ETF they would've done so already. They wouldn't just delay to the last second for no reason.

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