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Since a few days we are the focus of data miners. There is a group of people that wants to know how much chainlink /biz/ is holding. All these threads about stack sizes are data mining threads.

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>Very useful but a source of delusion and inner conflict if you think that's reality while constantly experiencing subjective reality which physics ignores.
if you actually studied physics in depth, you would understand how the theories themselves relate to the matter and motion you perceive
a person very well studied and learned in these fields will be able to anchor the theoretical concepts to lived experiences and will understand them on a limbic level and not just "on paper"

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>What is going on frens? And why do I feel like I already know?
>mfw pic related

>Doing free birthcharts for the rest of this thread
I'd give my birthday here but I've had others look at my chart and numerology in real life and they proceeded to freak out lol

>will you get it?
some people are born knowing
others know from being shown
the rest will never know even when shown
I have people close to me telling me to keep chainlink to myself
I find it distasteful to be covetous with these things so I freely share what I know to those who are eager to learn

what is your opinion?
is it better to keep these kinds of ideas and topics to yourself?
or is it better to share it with those in your life (family and friends)?

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>Good job whoever shilled this shit to /x/
got some sauce on this?
is this info spilling over into /x/ now?
heh...nothing personal anonz

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Did you peak who’s behind the full moon and aligned exactly?
>hint: pic related
What timing don’t you think?
Check for yourself

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Liddle joey absolutely BTFO
Things aren’t look good bro
You should bend the knee soon before this thing gets out of hand

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>big if true
You already know...

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>It’s quite an interesting world out there
Much more interesting than we can even imagine

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