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ID color.... really makes you think..

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Are you happy with your job? Why not? Why not do something you actually like/don't mind? Is it money first before happiness for you? Why don't you put yourself first for once? What is it you want to do?

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How did you find your job? Craigslist? Through a friend? Were you scouted? Random applications? How do you find a good job?

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Why aren't you making $1000 a week? Adding a side job or two to your wage one is a great way to reach that. Even something as simple as reselling shit on ebay that you got for super cheap at a garage sale can do that without much effort put into it.

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It probably is. I don't see it succeeding and I doubt that it will. Sergey made it quite far as idea guy, but he doesn't have a working plan and project is showing signs of stagnation and depression. But then again, Ethereum was called a scam too, it too lacked in dynamics and Vitalik didn't seem like reliable person. It's all gambling.

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seriously, shut the fuck up. We're going up.

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>he didn't invest in Bitcoin when Satoshi put it on Kickstarter to receive rare Bitcoin from genesis block along with Bitcoin t-shirt

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>truth is fud
fuck off, retard

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>win money calling bubbles
>bet all on imaginary internet money bubble

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its been a long fucking time since /biz sucked that good bitcoin dick, im starting to miss the fucking link threads, are you pajeets literally trying to manipulate 130bn with fucking /biz shills? you do know this board has no actual fucking money right? what the fuck is going on?

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has your mother ever made sexual advances on you or abused you as a child or been abused herself. She seems to be treating you like a cuckold husband and you are definitely towing the line on that roleplay. Literally fight for you manhood it is something that has to be fought for. Take it from me a man who has gone always out of my way to be lazy, you cannot get more enslaved then vouching for your masters ownership of you. As another reply said you are living under the textbook definition of abuse.

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>watching some cnbc with my house trap
>american greed
>one young guy runs a fake real estate investment group
>screws multiple people hard
>doesn't actually get to keep any money because he needs to cover his tracks by bringing in new investors, rinse and repeat
>dude ended up broke and in prison

Do any scams actually pay the scammer, or is it something for narcissists to get off on how clever they think they are?

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