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>a fancy Russian resort eliminates many things, but pointless Soviet bureaucracy and NATIVE RUSSIANS are not among them

So why not move to a fancy Russian resort then. Sure it's a pain in the ass to immigrate, trust me I know, but if you do make it in and you have enough money, the bureaucracy is not too much of a concern.

There's really nothing wrong with native russians in a place like Yalta or Feodosia - our family was poverty-tier by Western standards but both my parents were college educated, and their parents before them. The backyard to our nice home was separated by a 3 ft tall wire fence with an unlocked gate to another housing community and a major street. Never feared for our safety or security. Had a dalmatian and an old land cruiser. Most people were just like us, there was no "white trash" class until you reached rural farmlands

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I've got it all planned out desu

I have a house on the Crimean Peninsula I inherited from my father, haven't been there since I moved to the us 10 years ago
19 years old now

Beautiful 200 year old house on the beach, palm trees and shit, growing up there was magical

>cheap living
>completely adequately Westernized
>vacation area for wealthy Russian families, tons of hot sluts everywhere
>several beautiful cities, mountains, beaches,sea, anciant historic sites, etc etc
>can import all the JDM whips I desire for pennies on the dollar
>take my speedboat to mainland Europe whenever I want from the Black Sea

I hope I can get a dual citizenship so I can go back and forth to the US, there really is something nice about this shithole

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