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solid 3 day IRL test and the backtester wants to pick *opposite* trades (go short when ema 1 goes above ema 2) because they're just as profitable most of the time, but you'll still make a solid -20%/day.

It doesn't matter what indicator you pick, or what time frame, or what settings, the default ones are guaranteed to fail and form fitting will make them fail even harder.
List of tried and failed indicators
>stoch RSI
>stoch CCI
>simple EMA cross
>simple close over single EMA
>Directional Movement (+DI/-DI/ADX)

none of this shit works on any timeframe and I think I can literally prove it.

I don't know what else to do as far as having a computer trade and not straight gambling with emotions.
Portfolio balancing and grid bots, both "always long" strategies are the only thing thing left; and you can NEVER short (or that would be TA and TA doesn't work).

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What's a good course/resource to learn TA/trading for crypto? Even if it's paid. I'm tired of FOMO'ing and panic-selling shit and losing money.

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I see this

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For people who dont know technical analysis or don’t belive in it. How do you guys decide when to buy and sell?

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is technical analysis horseshit, or is it legit because enough people believe it's legit, and therefore you can rely on it since humans are not perfectly rational?

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how does one learn the TA, /biz/?

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