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>Link research autism = Ambrosus's "revolutionary" RFID technology
I think I'll stay all in. You've answered my question, in two very different ways. I appreciate that. Let me know when your holoport starts to pay for itself!

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Show us an anonymous nood sir pls

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But OP, you're bullish. That means everybody isn't bearish.

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>There's a Vishnu living on the blockchain

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I have no clue, but I'm doing the same

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>tfw would only have 1/10th of what I got out with if I didn't cash out at $2

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Truly, unequivocally redpilled.

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Sir please I know I submit to use personal time off for the week of 4th of July last year, but I can come in please.
I'll work my regular hours and stay overtime.
No no I understand I'm on salary with no commission or overtime sir please I'll work the hours take half pay for the day and my paid leave please sir.
No its fine my wife's Somalian refugee boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg so I could get the gas to make it.
Oh thank you sir your a saint! Look its a win win they get some alone time I get to pay for little Tyruggel to record in his studio, yeah we think this 12th mixtape is going to be the one that lets him graduate into high school...
That's right 24 next year they grow up so fast it feels like just yesterday he was 21 and taking money out of my wallet.
God bles~ er allah ha ackubar to you too. Thank you so much Rahjam you'll never see a cleaner Wendys bathroom in your life I promise you that.

Boys I think I might just make it. Can someone tell me how to download a bitwallet?

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This place is about to pinkplode.
All other boards report in.

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hope the ban goes through

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Have about 150 omg, will I make it?

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too bad OP is lying

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I really like the story of independence of ETC. I also don't like the centralization and the bailout of the DAO that the main ETH chain did. its bullshit.

with a portfolio similar to this:
what do you suggest? most the bay over to ETC? also am I right to say that there is a bullish pennant breakout happening now for ETC?

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