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You still don't understand the game here. It isn't about short sellers or market manipulation. It's about fundamentals. Every single action BBBYs board took or didn't take was a nail in the inevitable coffin for Bitchass and Beyond. Ryan tried, he did- but shit happens, sometimes things don't pan out. They had too strong a grip on the company. In bankruptcy, the vulture firms are clawing at what they can from the corpse. There is no one coming to the shareholders rescue. But deep down you knew this. You all knew it and chose to ignore it to participate in the schizotard circle jerk. Could not be me.

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not me aswell

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Anyone just not selling? I'm going to buy some more at open.
Ugh... I know. I'm sorry. I'm SORRY. I'm just like the stock is all.

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Started with a market cap that is way too big. You need to delude people with an early low mcap so they would FOMO in. Dev is stupid for not realizing this. I'm sticking with the other frogs.

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There's nothing wrong with parting a fool from his money.

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It's nice to see /PMG/ back on page fucking 1 where it belongs

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All that matters is the price does not match the supply/demand of real shares. When shorts need to close they know where to find me.

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tfw when I hold link AND apu and I'm going to swap my apu for an assload more link at 1B cap, just in time for the link run to $240

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hmm, nah. Not convinced. Not selling.

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get in here frens. I can't wait to sell my APU at 1 billion market cap and buy several additional chainlink make it stacks

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Nope, I'm not doing it. I'm still NOT buying your scam

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Its only a tax if you hold fiat stupid frog

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imagine being retard and selling before at least 1 billion market cap

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tfw I bought $800 worth at almost the pico bottom and then added a bunch more at .000035

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fudding is the financial version of gooning

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I told you leverage never wins

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No, I am efficiently allocating capital to various shitcoins in order to provide appropriate liquidity and funding based on their intrinsic value and merits

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We need a new thread to continue this conversation

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Tectum is really once the dust has cleared the only way Bitcoin can be scaled for payments. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

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Jannies and fuddies want you to sell. I'm not selling my kenis. (Hello gnome, I know you're reading this post and this thread! I just wanted to tell you I'm not selling! Pretty cool, right? You smell like shit by the way.)

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I tethered

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That's it, I am going all in LEO token

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This is it, im out of your scam crypto it will never recover thanks for buying my Bitcoin at 100 dollar each kek
I think ill dump it all on BBBY thats a real valuable thing

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