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Only poorfags sit on biz and FUD all day, seeth more nigger.

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Fractional BAT are called "Robins", fren

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Luckily I've been getting dubs with every BAT thread I'd made over the past couple of days otherwise your 7s would scare me

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Also gentlemen, I would like to bring to your attention that this is the second time in a row that I, the OP, have gotten dubs in the process of making a BAT thread. I'm too lazy to post the archive link but just be assured that we are all gonna make it

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>female ceo (((Firefox)))


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ahem, they're called Robins

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Let me rephrasae that. I hate leftist kikes and useful idiots that say they hate amazon while buying anything and everything from there as if they had a gun to their head while I as a libertarian who knows that Amazon only got to where it is through exploitation of government loopholes like subsidized shipping by our 5-billion-a-year-deficit postal service and no sales taxes for cross-state shipping shops locally and lives his principles and is mocked for it by these fucking dunning-kruger pedantic subhuman trash who have no nuanced understanding of anything other than their array of overpriced penis-flavored IPAs

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Fun fact: China's tax to gdp ratio is lower than any country in the western hemisphere's. Which countries seem to be in decline and which seem to be on the rise again? Remind me commiefags, is it the "capitalist" nations with 40% tax rates and restrictive market controls or the "communist" one with a 20% tax rate with zero intellectual property protection that's basically ancapistan at the ground level?

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>Ice Cream
They sell frozen yogurt you dummy, it's normal that it has that consistency.

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Based and checked

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Fractional BAT = Robins

>What a Guy


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Auto contribute is pretty lame but it's also a necessity for the platform because most normies will use it and it will spread the BAT around more. I use the "monthly payments to specific websites" model though, donating between 1 and 5 BAT a month each, roughly 18 in total.

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Using Chrome is an anti-google trojan horse. Google has been caught intentionally sabotaging competing browser's performance on their websites like Youtube for which they received basically zero punishment. Piggybacking off of Chrome and de-googling it is simply the most cost effective way to have a great browser that Google can't leverage their influence against.


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Literally the only working product in the space, and an extremely successful one too. BAT might not ever moon to the extent some of the others will but it's a real product to believe and invest in with a bright and safe future.

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The bear market is once again upon us, boys. No matter. I'm never touching my BAT again after what happened last time. If it drops low as fuck I'll buy more. I 100% believe in this project and in Fourth Reich Eich

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How many Robins to make it?

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Reminder that fractional BAT are to be referred to as Robins

>muh kyc
>meanwhile every bitcoin wallet that matters is already doxxed out in the open

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Robins. Fractional BATs are called Robins. This will be good to know when BAT is $40 EOY

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