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Banks are going bust or inflation will turbo rape any fiat holders.
Either road they choose it is amazing for crypto

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same :)
I kind of want to start breeding snakes and cats, maybe get a license to grow mushrooms when it becomes more legal in Oregon.

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I haven't trusted a therapist in a while

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Just used up 20k worth of student loans on linkies

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I’m a NEET my man I don’t have to worry about wage slavery right now. Lads after a .75 mile night walk and coming home to some munchies, anime, and the coziest blanket their is on the couch I don’t think there’s that many things more comfy in this world.

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I'm on year 10. Only 40 more to go

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wait for the next big dip

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turned $585 into $730

I guess thats neat

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topkek and basedpilled

fuck landys

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>only buy 11 LINK
>don't have to worry about losing 25 bucks
>if it hits bitcoin levels I make 60 grand
>if it hits $100 I still make $1,100
>mfw people invest their life savings in this which leads them to constantly stressing out everyday while i sit back and take virtually no risk

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Be a wagecuck

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he is bunkering down, pic very much related

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Not me I’m staying up late watching anime

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I tried fitting in for years and going to college and being a wage cuck. I can’t relate to Norman’s and sports ball trying to do so made me feel neurotic. I’m now a NEET with over a 6 figure net worth and more happy and successful than any normie wagies I know. I spend my days with my aide hustles, making art, lifting, meditating, reading and watching anime at times. 10x happier than when I was faking it to fit in.

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>he thinks he’s smarter than plato, Pythagoras, Nietzsche or Carl Jung
enjoy your cubicle tomorrow wagie.

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Already did all of that I have more money than any of you nerds and can tell you it’s very unfulfilling. Steak and lobster gets old, roasties will roll over and text one of their bets orbiters after you nut in their mouth or the next chad with cum still on their lips and clothes and cars/vacations lose their appeal. Dan beizelean just did an interview basically describing what I just said above a few months ago.You bought Jew lies hook line and sinker as did I until I lived the life for myself. Oh and drugs rob you of your soul, deplete your dopamine and usually turn into an addiction.
No thanks fren I’m actually a NEET now who is happier than when I was making 4K a week after taxes waging. I hope whatever is making you such and angry little guy works itself out!

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>TFW NEET and my rent is only 650 a month in one of the nicest parts of town
You need to move out of the cuck cities, I’ll buy a house wfter cashing out a few mill this bullrun. Until then I’m comfy in my apartment NEETing it up and not worrying about yard work, insurance, property taxes, and other housing bullshit.

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>implying I’m not a NEET pot dealer worth over six figures with 20k invested into Link and up 7.6k from my initial
I really hope everyone that is a wagie gets to experience my level of freedom

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This, I also want to get a Tesla and make the paint job like Pepe NEETs blanket and just drive through places during peak wagie hours honking the horn and blaring songs about freedom and not being a slave.

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Do wagecuck hiring managers only care about this because of some sort of jealous cope? Why the fuck do they care if you haven’t worked in a year or two? Industries don’t change that fast 99% of the time.

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Seeing some of these wagie threads is nightmare fuel. I literally saying a morning prayer thanking God for my NEETdom everyday. How you wagies holdin up?

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> tfw I unironically got rich by playing games on my computer

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>gym session

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