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>people killing themselves over something they cant even innately sense
They better stay in their bird boxes
>mother will keep you right here under her wing
>she won’t let you fly, but she might let you sing
>of course mother’s going to help build the wall


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It’s what they did with the Nazis

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He is saying that he shouldn't have been at the church near the White House that some terrorists attacked where Trump did a picture with a Bible, that it was a "mistake". This is an indirect way of supporting the protesters/terrorists. It's shameful from a top general like this. What the hell.
It's happening way too fast. Connect the dots a little bit. They want to trap Trump. That damn orange man should have purged way more over the last 4 years... now he's done.
I suspect the army is not gonna obey him anymore. The chain of commands is severed.

it's really happening before our eyes as we speak
are anons ready?
do you guys have your bug out ready?
some comfy rural land where you and your family can stay safe?
because they will be coming for anyone who is a Christian and refuses to serve satan

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Jews and homosexuals comprise a significant portion of the pedophile demographics.
Are you implying that (((whites))) are primarily sexual predators and over represented?

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I’m not American but it’s obvious.

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This isn’t just in the USA. A lot of people that I know personally have been getting their cars stolen lately (at home or when they go out).
It’s going to start getting really ugly and worse as more people become desperate.

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