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Fuck you linkies WILL win.

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bitch i got that stinky link

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bitch I got that chainlink

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bitch i got that chainlink

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bitch I got that chainlink

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ah this explains why AVAX's version is flipped, it's from a still image of the 2nd half of the original LINK gif

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Real Stink Shady here. Now you can own a piece of Chainlink history. I am selling the original Sergey Nazarov audio file as an NFT. It was minted on the blockchain yesterday and will be sold to the highest bidder by April 5th if it isn't bought out. If you want proof i'm the actual creator, DM me on telegram @RealStinkShady and i'll give you that proof.


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>up to 105 LINK
Adding a little more every week bros

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I'll do it but i bet my left testicle someone will manage to fuck it up in a single day
I set up a similar thing before for runescape idk if any of you guys saw it

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>they've been PSYOPd so many times that they think it's impossible for it to finally be here

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Just bought more

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Maybe the real link was the friendship we made along the way

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Is it safe to put my Links in Celsius to earn interest?

I have 1,300

Better than having it on Binance I guess?

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I know for a fact that the entire market is going to crash to dust within the next month or two and I’m still buying $30 Chainlink right now

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I already live my ideal life just being comfy with my dog and living off neetbux. If my LINK stack ever makes me a millionaire I will probably just add some high tier prostitutes to the mix. So making it = my current life + hookers

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What is the best place to earn interest from Link?

Should I be more "secure" on a centralized exchange like Nexo, Celsius?

Or I should I go ahead with a DEX? I heard Bancor gives a nice APY but I heard it got hacked?

Also, if Link moons to $100 I will lose to impermanent losses right?

What do you think is the best option? Or should I just hold until staking is released?

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I have 100 LINK.

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I don’t get this opportunity cost meme when it comes to LINK. There is nothing better than being all in on a super comfy, undervalued, guaranteed moon coin. There is no stress, you never have to watch charts, no worries about getting rug pulled or when is the right time to cash out, etc. Sitting on the sidelines watching new fags jump from shit coin to shit coin chasing moons while LINK makes steady gains is the comfiest feeling ever.

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I made it to 100 LINK bros. Next goal 150

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>mfw sergey waiting to pump until btc is fully finished pumping up to pump link so that when we enter price discovery on link btc pair we will get the highest possible value on usd pair

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>stealing the LINK cube
I automatically discard every shitcoin that does this and its never lead me astray. Hard pass

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please do
>also those quints were ruined by the power of LINK

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I have 100 LINK.

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I have never invested in anything except Chainlink (LINK) and I never will. I will be a billionaire or homeless and I’ll accept nothing in between.

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