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15 per LINK this time next year.


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Silver and Linkies

Bought 200oz of silver when it was 14 per ounce

Bought 500 Linkies when they were 5$

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good work anon! keep the good work! i'm almost jealous of you but i know that your linkies are in good hands!

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Most of them are like you, op. They will sell after the first dump. When we go from $120 to $40 many of our dumber frens will think to themselves
>$40 is a lot more than $1k
>perfect time to market sell everything
They'll get life changing money and be able to buy a used Honda and go on with life constantly asking what the next link is. However, there will be no next link. This is it. It won't be easy but we've all already made it. The trick lies in not fucking up. I'm not selling until steaking and we blow past $1k,and even then I'm still not selling. I've come to realize it's not about the dollars. All that matters to me is chainlink.

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Nice argument dummy

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