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>unbank the banked by banking them on our defi bank

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Didn’t buy at .30
Started paying more attention at .70

It’s not going down is it?

I missed the boat. Goodbye

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had the same moment back then when I read about pokemon go months ago. Put 3k in Nintendo and cashed out pretty nice after a while.

True. Even though crypto is different. It will pump because everyone´s going to want to have both currencies, it´s getting more usability by usage, growing and is, like you said, fucking fast. 20k zerps from nasty etorro wallet to ledger in 3 sec.
>Real comfy
>to bad I got no flare though.

been in crypto with 15k for less then a month and made 5k. No work tomorrow because of the rona´, and another djube to smoek rn desu.

nice brutha

not sure about ltc. Heard about it not reaching 1k this year. Im mixed, by size:
>xrp, xlm, btc, eth, iota, cardano

gmi, only one who talks about flare and wants to motorboat the old eri too

>dangerously schwab pilled
after the pic with all the black eyes on high tier humans, and the sci. explanations and wiki articels, I must say, I was so close to believing something I did not factcheck 99% myself.

This shit is still crazy. We´re all chilling on a board, waiting to get rich, and tomorrow we´ll walk the the same walk as all the others and trade time for money.

And meanwhile there´s supossed to be eltites who push adrenochrom stuff. kek

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How knew that all it took was being a conspiracy minded shitbrain hodling a lead coin in defiance of all logic. It’s...it’s beautiful to see them winning now

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>short squeeze

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yeah dude weed lmao bro. Go back to /pol/ and /x/ retards

I get that bros, with 300k you can never work again if you want and live off passive income but that's not my point. One emergency situation can wipe all your money in the blink of an eye

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One hour later, BitMEX Research attributed the orphaned block to an RBF transaction, which is where an unconfirmed transaction is replaced with a new transfer paying a higher fee. However, ForkMonitor has since updated its advice to say: “No (RBF) bumps have been detected.”

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Whats anon's plan for when they make it?
hardmode - 5 sentences or less

Buy a 4 bedroom apartment in the local Hilton level 50+ right by the ocean.
Import my dream car.
Quit my job and get God-tier healthy.
Set up soundproof room and learn classical instrument
Limit vidya to two hours day max and put my time into history and math.

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It's because you can see through the ruse that fashion is. There is no difference between "Made in Italy" and "Made in China". It is both made by exploiting workers for cheap labor, both cost the same amount to produce, both are just a regular item with a brand name on it that adds 7000% to the price.


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will vector this one day and print it on 3x3m on the wall. Is it Shizo-Chan?

>Take atleast 10 Future Xerps for this!

What will happen to people who leaf their xerps on the exchange? News are going in all directions? Are they all gon´get wiped out?

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>ledgerfaggot here
how long u think we will hold frens?
where to cash out?

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you´re all watching this?




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OOOOOOO, germanfag here.
I just got a mail from eToro.

...as an XRP holder at eToro, we want to make sure that you are up to date with the latest developments regarding XRP (Ripple).

In response to the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) decision to file a lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc, many organizations in the U.S. and some in Europe have already announced that they are either greatly reducing, limiting or removing their XRP-related services. While the outcome of this lawsuit is still uncertain, it has caused significant volatility in XRP prices, and there is a risk that this will affect the regulatory treatment of XRP worldwide.

eToro has suspended trading for US customers. At the moment, these restrictions only apply to our US clients

We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated if we need to make any changes regarding our XRP-related offering for clients outside the US.

How might this situation affect you?

In addition to the potential impact of the SEC action on the regulatory treatment of XRP, we would also like to highlight the potential for liquidity issues that could arise from the current situation.

The existing uncertainty has increased, which means that the execution of XRP orders, including the closing of existing positions, could be interrupted or even stopped. In addition, due to extreme market conditions, there may be a significant widening of spreads or an increased likelihood of slippage (the price gap that may occur between the time you place your order and the time we are able to execute it).

At the time of writing, the eToro platform continues to support XRP trading for non-US customers, so you can still buy and sell XRP. However, as the situation is developing very quickly, the risk of liquidity issues is significant.

Therefore, we recommend that you evaluate your current positions and consider the possibility of the following:


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Yes I’m sure you’re super grateful for this retarded mexican, who’s actually the CEO and king of all cryptocurrency, from deterring you away from 10-100xing your wealth. Must be some kind of guardian angel smiling upon you, faggot

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I knew 3 days ago that MKR would probably go to 2500 but didn't buyed at 1k

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>six figure hell

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well, xrp had 20 billion marketcap at one point so its possible
but, as >>25734612 says, we will all 100% be dead by then

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watching a friend play cp77, lurking biz, rolling up and getting rich.

Visiting parents tomorrow for meatloaf, im out niggers.

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with all the noise about smart meters and smart cities and whatever, surely this cant be a terrible long term hold, right?

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