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It seems like everyone has known that markets would continue crashing since January this year but there haven't been any circuit breaker days for stock markets or massive unchecked crashes in crypto. Why doesn't everyone sell their shit and get out? Why does it keep slow bleeding? Do faggots really think this will all turn around before it all crashes another 25-50%?

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what are financial conditions?
what does it mean to tighten financial conditions?
what is liquidity?

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see >>>/pol/309465103 for the big shocker....

it's a bunch of fins shilling their shitcoin and laughing at every dumb anon who buys a cent of it.

don't fall for this retards scam.

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>rap battle

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You were told to GTFO in the last thread fudcunt. You are very bad at this.

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anyone else BB bagholder?

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someone explain call options for a brainlet

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go back to plebbit

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Thanks for the expert analysis

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>news alert: 6 more days before expected news on Japan approval

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give me your best advice, go.

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>Someone asserts that NAK will do well thanks to public support by Trump in the form of a letter saying the Trump administration is committed to supporting the domestic mining industry
>"Nuh uh, it doesn't specifically say NAK is supported."
>Call him a brainlet retard
>"Well orange man always lies so ur the real brainlet haha"
>Expects me to effortpost in response to this
Aight enjoy your last (You)

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yet you're the bigger loser if you even care

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absolute bullshit KEK

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Not an argument
Btw picrel is you

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>long mean good

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>[gold and silver] simply can't keep up with inflation

>doesn't recognize what this means about his currency

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Ooga bvooga

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>2) That you just can "live off dividends" as if there's no risk involved
doesn't know there's a thing literally called the "risk free rate"
>paying taxes on crypto

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>private blockchains are the future

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