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Oh shit bro, some schizo on an antique pottery board just called me a retard! Just put everything into an obscure alt coin. Thanks bro, im saved

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Holy fucking shit my sides

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Hey fags. I'd like to make some money for recreational purposes. You know, eventual PC upgrades, affording a gat or two once I get a license (ausfag), buying new furniture and such. After witnessing the last crash and rise I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to buy like $500-1000 of bitcoin once this hits its lowest point and wait a year or two and come out with a nice chunk of cash. Anyone else do this last bitcoin crash? Do you think this time is different as more and more people lose confidence in crypto as anything more than pure speculation or is it going to bounce back?

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>The GaySMB bot/shill is now promoting Top Gun
Holy fuck, I hope Hollywood crashes and burns

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>That pic

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dios mio

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Man are you trolling me lol? You compare marketcaps and not token value fucking lol. Behodler mcap is 10m while pancake is at 1.6bn. That means that if behodler is to reach pancake it has another 1600x to do. Thank me later when you made shit ton of money on behodler

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>can't understand have this fucking shit even after 2-5 hours of research
Considering you are too illiterate to spell "half" right then yeah, you are much better off doing long holds.
A man has got to know his limitations.

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dyor fagot

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Checked and kek'd

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haha don't worry guys, europe will totally buy us up haha

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It was most likely misconstrued, but goddamn if I can't figure out what he really said. It's like he got flashbacks to his debate with Thomas Sowell.

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>i dont think the AI is sophisticated enough yet dude

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Weren't people during the memestock peak buying the wrong AMC, the theater chain when it was the TV channel that was shorted?

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look at this fucking retard

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>fighting for israel
>dies to a negro
it's what he would have wanted

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>he doesn't own the fish

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>Despite what sounded like a sophisticated shoveling operation, 50 Cent posted two photos of his efforts on Twitter that showed the rapper digging out snow with an average-looking blue shovel
>average-looking blue shovel

sensible chuckle

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>reddit tries to bankrup Wall St.
>gets /biz/ onboard
>it works
>/biz/ dips out once there is no more money to be made
>reddit keeps going, gets flexed on by Wall St. in return
>becomes a cult that is literally about losing life-changing amounts of money
>/biz/ points and laughs

We are returning to normal -- just losing our money to pajeet scammers and shitcoin rugpulls.

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