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It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma!

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19 28 37 39 45 64

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Nobody fucks with you there.

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mark of the beast in 3... 2... 1...

hope you faggots are saved, cuz shit is about to hit the fan.

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Wrong. Ironically it is you that is going to hell for not putting your trust in what Jesus did for you.

No one is saying Sanctification, Obedience, perseverance and surrendering to Jesus are unimportant. They are important. They are just NOT a requirement of Salvation.

To be saved, you must be humble enough to admit that because you are a sinner and fall short of God's standard, there is nothing you could do on your own to earn salvation. Salvation is a free gift of God, paid in full by Christ's death on the cross.

Believing on Jesus - meaning believing that he is the ONLY reason why you are justified - is what gets you to heaven. People call that "easy believism" and scoff at those who think that. But really, it takes humility to accept that there is nothing in your power to be saved. And that is why most people reject the simplicity of the Gospel.

But if you say that you need to persevere, do good, turn away from sin etc. in order to be saved, that is works-based salvation. And if you want to follow that path, then you will be judged according to your works. And no one can live up to the standard of the law.

"Grace" is grace because you don't deserve it. Period.

Just a quick note - when the Bible uses the word "repent" in the context of salvation, it means a 'change of mind'. Every other religion says you need to be good to be saved (or get to nirvana or attain a higher caste etc). Only the Bible teaches Grace. To believe in Jesus IS repentance from your pride - thinking that you are a good person - to understanding that you need God and God alone to be made worthy.

Obedience to Jesus comes as a requirement of fellowship. Perseverance, is a requirement of fellowship. As a Christian, it is in your desire to please God. So yes, turn away from sin by all means. But that is what you do because you grow in the faith and learn about God and His will for us - not to get saved or to prove you're saved etc.

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I have information on an imminent 1.5-2x pump ETA the next 5 hours.
I am still undecided whenever I should let /biz/ in on the action.

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You're about to find out in 2 days.

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Just business. Don’t worry.

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Everyone who is defending Sta, stop. Close biz. Come back in a few months. You are welcome.

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Stay out. None of your business kid.

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Listen, kid. Let us do the job. You just sit there and wait. Pool if it makes you feel better.

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Short yourself. Get a chad frontman.

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What’s your excuse?

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Stop shilling.

t. Top 25 wallet

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You degen pieces of shit, I said FALL IN!
Right, let me introduce myself, my name is Dirk Stankhoof from the Bitcoin Alliance. You have all been part of a big exercise, this dump is not done and it was planned by us. It has been done to teach you all a lesson in greed and to not believe fucking YouTubers that shill you worthless tokens. These youtubers are actually also working for us. Our goal is to destroy the alt market and push Bitcoin to mass worldwide adoption. I’m here today to give you fucks one last chance. You sell your shitty tokens and buy Bitcoin. If not we will pull the rug one last time and shake you all down to zero. A lot of the CEO’s of projects you are invested in are part of the Bitcoin Alliance and are siphoning funds from tokens into Bitcoin. If you’re with us you will make at least enough to have a nice life not worrying about money. If you’re against us and ignore this post you will be working a 9-5 until your 65 yrs old, you will retire and die with nothing to leave your kids.
Right, now get the fuck out of here, you’re making me sick.

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