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So you're just gonna wait for another chance to sell your whole stack when the price is higher, but it'll be early days of the moon mission and you'll feel it in your McBones - so you won't sell, no, you'll buy high again won't you, bro - and end up with a pretty little suicide stack, which you'll inevitably end up swinging once the next pump reveals itself for what it actually is: a quick stop for Big Macs at space station 0.10c.

Never change, biz.

Or you could lower your average right now at these presale prices, put liquidity in via XIPOOH-MCDC and actually fucking make it.

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0.1 seems pretty reasonable, honestly. FomoHomos will be on board well before then and with Rubic still crabbing, we might even win some of them back around - remind them what fun actually feels like. Also pic related is very intriguing, don't really know how to account for an actual usecase in my beloved shitcoin.

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