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be honest, if you all had girlfriends would you still be here?

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my boss is out for the week and i am a remote worker. wat do?

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Which groups of people lost the most on dotcom bubble? I mean whose money was invested into it? Did institutions invest 401Ks and shit like that before the bubble burst?

The same groups, kind of people are gonna get fucked in the coming cryptobubble

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>let a nigger take over the only /biz/ coin that could’ve ever made it
>the nigger and redditors make the cringiest “what npcs think autism is” shilling campaign and dump their bags for pennies

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>jews prematurely crash 2021 bull run when everyone was waiting for the final pump
>jews prematurely crash 2025 bull run by hyping up btc halving

Kikes aren’t very creative in their scams and tend to double down on what once worked.

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>jews crash 2021 bull run before it reaches its peak
>jews crash 2025 bull run by hyping up btc halving

How likely is this?

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how y'all holding up, wfh chads?

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welcome to next level of autism fren, here we don’t waste time trying to redpill npc cattle but plan for our beyond the wall Antarctic colony instead

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about to get some serious cash influx and reckoned it’s time to get ready for the next bull run, have no idea what the market is like these days though

can I get a qrd on what markets are hot now please, fundamentals preferred

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but she gave me her number before i asked her out and seemed to want to be friends....

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>leave /biz/ for half a year
>come back
>it’s still shit

Any cutting edge promising tech and projects lately? Got some dough and need a 10x next run

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>t. cutcel

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/biz/ is dead
long live /biz/

What’s the best non-kyc P2P exchange right now?

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closing account with binance be like:
>sorry to see you go, we’ll keep your info for your government [agency details], byyeee

There’s literally no reason to keep using that shit anymore

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why are people buying solana? I thought it’s a shitchain with blackouts, also sbf shilled it hard

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Human fingers are just short tentacles

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This board has never been more deader

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>bitcoin and top 100 dump
>the same shitcoins altcoins bleeding since January because of bitcoin and top 100 doing fine
What is going on?

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Did binance remove monero or am I retarded?

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I’ll post where I want nigger

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You guys participate in a parasocial structure masquerading as a crypto community.

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People spent 15 billion dollars (ticker: USD) on an old shitcoin for a measly 60% pump most of them didn’t even profit from, instead of buying anything with potential under a billion and get 1,000% to 10,000% return

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