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An example of a potential source of asteroids, during 2020, is from the Beta Taurid meteor showers and/or the Zeta Perseids which are also related to Taurid complex and/or the Arietids which are not related. The earth passes through these meteorite showers during June/July each year. This is covered in an article linked below on Graham Hancock website. Based on Grahams finding he had calculated large impact/s could occur again during 2030 and that they most likely related to the impact event some 12,800 years ago. This was covered in his book the "Magicians of the Gods", (see left) and his more resent book "Before America" linked picture below. When discussing a possible earlier date of before mid June 2020 with Graham he suggested the article, "Beta Taurids - Summer Solstice 2020", linked below be submitted which he subsequently published. As background the possible location of one of the impacts that ended around 10,815 BC


Also of interest is a recent 5 part series of videos entitled "Prehistory Decoded" by Martin Sweatman develops on Graham Hancock suggestion that Gobekli Tepe looked back to the Taurid Impact Event related to the Younger Dryas impact which is thought to have occurred between 12,800 to 12,900 BC. This is very close to 1/2 the 25920 years of the Great Cycle i.e. 12960 years

here is article about Beta Taurids that we enter in June 21st that hit Greenland too

>On the morning of June the 21st 2020 the Taurid meteor showers will be hidden by daylight so we will not be able to observe any incoming large meteorites until it is too late! The arrows in view in the image below, shown from the perspective of the Great Pyramid, indicate the location and direction the Taurid shower will come from during that morning.

Pic related

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